April 11, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

Falling back on the good 'ol trusted link up.

I'm making up for a weeks worth of absence with pictures. Lots of pictures. 

Numero 1

We started off the week with a bang (or a pop, if you will)

Rori had been obsessing about birthday parties - endlessly. Family was coming to town and she kept asking if we were going to have a birthday party. Maybe she had the last time we saw family on her mind and remembered it was a lot of Christmas + her birthday = many, many  presents. Or maybe all our family is a little too doting and come bearing gifts any and every time they greet us. Or maybe she genuinely just wanted a birthday party for the heck of it. Balloons and cupcakes and the birthday song was all that was requested. 

She waited for the party attendants all the day long and was sure to rush and greet them when they finally arrived.

And bless their hearts, a fourteen hour road trip and they still walked in the door with full enthusiasm for a made up, makeshift birthday party. I forewarned them in a text to be 100% excited and 0% confused. They came through beautifully.

I took the party one step further than balloons and cupcakes and allowed Rori to pick out presents for everyone. She had the world to choose from in that Dollar Store. I made slight suggestions, but she did quite well on her own.

Jewelry boxes for the gents, marbles for the ladies, and pretty tissues for her beloved Abuela. Dad got the best of all - bobble head bunny. I'm hoping to see it bobbling along his dashboard soon.

And yes, we did sing happy birthday. She was oh-ho so pleased. 

Numero 2 for the week

Judah got some much deserved attention and is no longer suffering from second child syndrome. He even managed a kiss from mom - high light of his little life.

Numero 3


Kaelyn is funny...

 Kaelyn is so silly...

 Kaelyn is Rori's cousin...

And we love Kaelyn...

 Kaelyn is all Rori talks about. Ever. So spending the week with Kaelyn was pretty much the highlight of Rori's little, but slightly longer life. 

Numero 4

I took advantage of the many extra persons surrounding us and begged and pleaded for someone to take a picture with me and the kids.
Rori, of course, saw where I was going with it and threw out a "Nice try, Mom."

Meanwhile, Judah was in his glory finding an area in which he could finally usurp his older sister.

"No worries, mom, I got this picture thing down."

"Down pat."

Numero 5

The family fun.

There was more. Much more. Easter egg hunts, and games, and food, and more presents.... but sometimes I choose to stay in the present and not behind my camera. And sometimes I choose to sleep instead of blog.

So feel free to come up with a great 6 and 7 and let me know in the comments.

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  1. Anonymous12.4.14

    So Love your Blog Kelly and all the pictures are wonderful!!! Sure do miss all of you! How exciting for Rori to plan her party! Love to all Grandma whoops Gigi