March 14, 2014

Seven Quick Takes - the sleep deprived version


  My coffee seems to be working out. I actually love it much more than the french pressed version - I just get less of it. Fair trade off I suppose. Moderation in all things, right?


   We voted and decided no one sleeps well when the man of the house is away. Judah doesn't feel he's ready yet to take on the title while dad is away and therefore cries all night. I also don't think Judah is fit to take on the title and fear a psycho is going to break in at any given moment. If I let myself get carried away, I imagine two intruders getting inside and me not knowing which child to protect first. I also  feel 0% confident I could correctly wield the machete Brian keeps on his side of the bed. So......five month old baby and sleep deprived, machete holding mom - perpetrators we're ready for ya.
   And Rori...her excuse is that she's thirsty - I don't know what that has to do with Brian not being home - but 5 rounds of "I'm thirsty" was a bit out of the norm. So, Brian, you will be welcomed home with wide, wide open arms tonight.


  I successfully reported two current events to Brian yesterday that he had yet not heard of. I'm normally about a week behind in the current events arena - making any news I bring to Brian's attention not-so-current-of-an-event. I get all excited or interested about something and Brian's response is, "Yeah, that happened about 2 weeks ago. It's been all over the news." Oops. BUT victory for me - yesterday I beat him to the punch and I was so, so proud of myself. One news worthy report was not so great PR for his work place, so I won't mention it. The other was Dan Gilbert's billion dollar draft pick - and Brian never responded to that one, soooooooo maybe that wasn't breaking news, but let me have it anyway. 


   I went back and was rereading some old posts, and thorough embarrassment overtook me. The whole "Why do I blog" conversation ensued - with myself, since Brian isn't home - and I decided in order to save face for the rest of my life I should just close down shop. But despite the high level of embarrassment, I do love it, and I do need it. So onward I will go. Posting seven quick takes of nothingness, repeatedly telling you what every morning looks like around here, and posting the exact same pictures of my kids over, and over, and over. The pay off is my sanity - you are welcome future teenage kids of mine. 


  Speaking of pictures, you're wondering if I'm going to post one. Haven't decided. You just might be in for a super blah post. But I do believe all things are redeemable, so look for it on number 7. 


  Speaking of pictures, it's been noted by more than one person that my face needs to show up around these parts a little more. Working on it. I think Brian's price is a bit steep considering the result is always blurry pictures of 95% wall and 5% me with one eye closed. He argues that his time is valuable. Fair argument. We're working on a contract as I type - via text. 


  And now, a history of the Meaghers in pictures.  Sorry, I was feeling sentimental. 

Getting hitched - September 2010

First anniversary - 2011. San Antonio, TX. Five months pregnant.

Rori - 2012.

Favorite baby picture of Rori.

Rori turns one - c. 2013

Judah - later in 2013.

Current favorite picture of the kids.

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  1. But when kids are as cute as yours, "the exact same pictures" are a treat. Love that the blogging world serves as a window through which we can interact with friends, however far apart we are. Makes it feel like you're our neighbors.

  2. Though I can TOTALLY relate the horrors of reading old posts. Spent some (too much) time looking through my college blog this week before deciding it was a good idea to start up the habit again. Oy.