March 20, 2014

On surviving potty training...

I had the best of intentions for writing a potty training update earlier this week. A great story with heartwarming insight. I typed it all out, left it, edited it, and then had the wherewithal to not publish it. While my heartfelt intentions were great, it just wasn't coming out in the writing. You can thank me for sparing you. I do try around here despite what it may seem at times.

So in all frankness and no eloquence, the potty training update:

It's going quite well - surpassing many of my inexperienced expectations. And by that I mean I'm not breaking down in tears and neither is Rori.

 I've had my share of accidents to clean up, and she's had her share of refusals to go try one more time.

We've had conversations about how being two and growing up is hard. And then Brian gets home and we have conversations about how being twenty-six and growing up is hard. And then we all move on.

Most mornings we've woken up, and I've thought we were headed for a disaster of a day. And after the first three days, I was confident the "I hate mom" stage had begun.

And then last night as Rori ate her marshmallows with a few chocolate chips added in for a good days work,  she offered up an unexpected, "I love you, Mom." And then and there I knew we were going to make it. Mission accomplished. We had made it through half a week of potty training and the little lady still had an affinity for me - and I for her, I might add.

If I were to venture to say one thing that has worked in our favor, it would be the fruits of the Spirit. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control have gone a long ways this week. Note taken for the rest of motherhood.


  1. She is such a spunky little sprite.

  2. That last picture is priceless!