March 10, 2014

oh Monday - how we love you

  I woke up positive it was Tuesday and a little panicked that Brian was in the shower and not on his flight headed to California.  My foggy brain took a minute and then remembered yesterday was Sunday, so today must be - you guessed it - Monday. Realizing the error in my thinking, I switched to a minor mental hysteria about why the kids weren't yet awake. In the two seconds I had to dwell in morbid thinking, I convinced myself that they probably had stopped breathing during the night and I would forever be a guilt-ridden mother. And before I had time to sprint into their bedrooms and wake them up from my rash and stupid frenzy, I remembered that I go through this thought process every morning. So I rolled over and happily fell asleep until Brian left for work. Monday mornings get the best of me every time.

  Since I'm defensive, Judah did spend the night in his own bedroom for only the 3rd time ever. So I'm allowed a little extra irrational worry. It was looooong over due, and I was done with waking up all night long. Knowing myself oh so well, I knew I would be a lot less likely to hop out of bed so eagerly if he was at the other end of the house. He's pushing five months (tomorrow), and I decided he could deal. Don't worry - we had a lovely 3 am cuddle session - I didn't completely leave him high and dry. But I DID get a much needed good nights sleep, and I suppose my slight panic attack about his well being this morning was only a minor casualty. The little guy doesn't seem to be protesting the new change.

He's happy, happy, happy in case you couldn't tell.

And the little lady.

She be happy too. Daylight saving did her some good - oddly because we actually lost an hour. I'm sure she inherited the mental confusion from her mother. 

Meanwhile, Judah is all like:
"...and I have to put up with both of them." 

But he loves us. Yes, he does. We both ensure he has toys to play with at all times. 
Rori is, admittedly, better at it than I am. But I feed the kid, so...he's not allowed to compare.

And last picture, then I'm leaving - promise. If you've ever wondered what I looked like as a child:
it's this, exactly this. 

And I'm off - off to finish all my chores. Because if Monday doesn't start off with a bang of things gotten done the rest of the week is sure to be a waste. 


  1. I always, always enjoy reading your posts. I have such witty and intelligent friends, and I love it when I get to read what's going on in their lives, especially when it's written so eloquently. And yes, that last picture is your twin.

    Missing you!

  2. So lovely to see you here. And thank you for your kind words. If only you would follow suit and boot up that old blog of yours :). It's such a great way to peak into each other's lives. And seriously, more and more I feel like my little self came waddling into the future - although I'm sure I wasn't as half as smart as she is! She keeps me on my does and often leaves me speechless.