March 3, 2014

It's here...

It's been a long time coming.

Rori has been asking to go to the bathroom and banish diapers for months now.  I finally gathered up all extra energy that didn't exist and picked a week (this week) when no one would be traveling. Obviously I had high, high hopes potty training would be easy and relatively fast seeing as Brian will be out of town again by next week. 
In good mom fashion I prepped Rori thoroughly last night, and emotions were running high. This morning, true to her expressed excitement, she came bounding into my bedroom, underwear in hand, only to find me sick in bed - barely wanting to get out of bed, much less attempt day one of potty training.

So test runs and potty training theory it was. Hands on training tomorrow? If I can pull myself off the couch - yes, and I hope so.

But practicing with baby wasn't terrible.

As hard as she tried, baby just couldn't do it - and to that end I'm hoping Rori can sympathize with me.

"I can't do it!!"

So here's to health for tomorrow and grace, and peace, and patience, and kindness, and bladder control. 


  1. You should've opted in for the toilet-training seat with the iPad dock. :o) Prayers and best thoughts for healing and rest and dry underwear headed your way!

  2. Shoot me now. Never will I cave to that evil device. I'm so much more above it as I let my toddler monitor cartoons all morning. Sickness wholly has the best of me. Thanks for the prayers - MUCHO NECESSARIO.