February 21, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

 Back on track for linking up with Conversion Diary for the seven quick ones.


If my absence was noticed these last two weeks it was because I had minimal posting motivation, even fewer ideas, and I took a week long trip to Michigan with both kiddos - and I didn't bring my computer. The trip was a good break - it's always good to see family. AND Brian was also out of town on another business trip, so the timing was impeccable. 


Whilst away, I may have overlooked Judah's monthly picture. It's only nine days late, no biggie. 


Rori may have had the tiniest bit of attention deprivation during my above photo shoot with Judah because when I finished she was standing behind me with her own chair ready for action. Here's the mini-series of what followed:


Bewildering toddler moment of the week: Rori was very anxious/excited about visiting the doctor this week, and as we were getting ready to go she volunteered to help me with any and everything that needed to be done - including putting on my socks and boots. Apparently it escaped her notice that mom is faster and more efficient. Either way, I kindly let her know that I would put my boots on all by myself and she replied with , "Ok, I will say 'YAY'." She proceeded to intensely watch as I placed each foot in a boot and exploded with an applause, a jump in the air - hands raised, and the promised "YAY" when I finished. I still can't figure out where she got the impression that cheering is an appointed job, but to each their own. 


Earlier this week I saw the dawn of spring and it was healing to my soul.  The weather channel showed the temps rising above 60, so I braved peaking my head outside, and we went for a family walk once Brian got home. It felt like life was breathing it's way back into this dead, dead winter. We took a trail downtown and walked around all the new little shops that are opening up. On our way home we ordered a plate of fajitas to split - not making dinner was very much the best thing ever.


I'm trying to bake more with Rori, and today we made zucchini bread. 

She thinks the best part of baking is eating all the ingredients. She helped herself to that shredded zucchini as if it were a pile of chocolate chips - again, to each their own. 

And she was back to her normal "no pictures" policy. One day she'll regret that policy.


Ending on a wonderful note - Ever since Judah was born I've begun praying we could adopt our third. It seems like such a stretch, and I've always felt that if it were to happen it would have to be that a baby is miraculously placed in our hands. You know - one of those crazy stories that clearly has the hand of God in it. Well, this week Brian's aunt and uncle had just that happen, and the whole story just gripped my heart. They had less than two weeks between finding out about their baby and having her placed in their arms the day she was born. Such an expected and beautiful gift, and a story I've always wanted for myself. I'm so happy for them and their new bundle of joy. 


My deepest apologies for the crazy run-on sentences. My mind isn't clear enough to fix them. 


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