February 24, 2014

On Mornings...

   A long night with a little mister and 8 am came a little too early for this mama. The toddler comes running in, full enthusiasm, and I smile and wish her a good morning. Out of bed I must go.

   A diaper change and eight repeated sentences later, I finally understand what she's trying to say - her little friend hit her last night, it hurt. How to explain to her that many  more hurts will come...life isn't always fun. We talk about it for a little while, and she decides she'll be ok.

   We move on and discuss breakfast. What does she want? A look in the pantry? Ok. The fridge? ......maybe we just need to decide. Oranges, and pancakes, and cereal, and...muffins? Muffins it is. For once the timing of my coffee perfectly matches up with breakfast - bliss.

   Right there. She wants me to sit right there. No highchair today. I sit at her small little table as we each enjoy a muffin. My mind takes me back to a breakfast not long ago - how we sat and talked then, and how different and yet exactly the same it is now.

    Suddenly she remembers Elmo. Off she rushes to see if she's missed it. I smile. I knew Elmo wouldn't be forgotten but was hoping this happy little breakfast would stretch just a bit longer. She's two - growing up so quickly - all the while the days at times seem so long. I couldn't feel more grateful for her. My little miss - how I know the days are soon approaching when I will miss her and wish for these mornings back.

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