January 17, 2014

Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with Conversion Diary once again.  

In case you were just browsing the internet out of boredom and landed here without having the slightest interest in what I might be writing about, Piperlime is having a great clearance sale - the good stuff is going fast, so get going.

If you're staying to read more lovely tales of Rori, I won't disappoint. She's hit the two's with a bang, and I'm very interested as to what the rest of her youth will bring. Yesterday I woke up from nap time to Rori's face perfectly covered in what she called lotion - otherwise known as Desitin. She also had a foul smelling diaper that had creeped up her entire back. I'm not sure whether she was trying to prove that I'm the only one who really sleeps during naps or that she really can get a bath anytime she wants. 

She has also started to use her new found language skills to express her likes and dislikes - her dislikes being every other dinner this week. 

          Actual conversation:                        

            Rori: I don't like this.                       
                                           Me: Well, sometimes we have to eat things we don't like.
            Rori: I don't like it.                           
             Me: Rori, you like carrots. Just eat it.
                                                     Rori: I like carrots; (pause for effect) I don't like this carrot.       

Also on my list of horrors this week was a gift the bambinos were given by some kind guests who stopped in. 

This. This terrifying creature. 

For one, he's much bigger than he looks. And two, he sings and dances in a robotic creepy voice to a song that lasts way longer than necessary. His mechanisms are about as loud as his sinister little voice, and you'd think he walked straight out of a horror film. Rori absolutely loves him. He sings "No more monkeys jumping on the bed" which is not only her favorite song, but her favorite activity as well. So truly, he was the perfect gift for her - just not for her weak minded mother. 

Moving on so I no longer have to look at the creepster monkey picture....

As with the gift above and the mounds of gifts Rori and Judah were given for Christmas/Rori's birthday, a large number of thank you's are due. I don't mind always writing thank you's on Rori's behalf, but at some point it can get awkward. Do I write thanking the giver for giving my child a gift, or do I write on behalf of my child and figure out something childish and yet not too weird to say? And what sort of thank you card do I pick out for a kid?

 Problem solved - for this round anyway (pictured above obviously).
I modge-podged (for a more finished look) Rori's art onto cardstock and added a little stamping action of my own. They turned out better in my head, but I think they'll work fine. Sorry to all of you who now know what will be coming in the mail. Surprise ruined.

Number five. Perhaps Judah deserves a little time in the lime light. Kind of a downer, but the little man seems to have a negative reaction to dairy, which means I'm having to change my diet. Can't say I've handled the news too well. I did great avoiding dairy for a whole day then binge ate, and he woke up with hives the next day. I've been good ever since but feel like I'm staaaaaarrrvvvving. With gluten out of the picture, I already relied pretty heavily on dairy.......and I'm sure no one wants to hear about this....so....

Judah - Judah has been turning into a wonderful little Mr. Personality. He laughs at absolutely everything, and it's an awesome laugh that shakes his whole body and eventually gives him the hiccups. Best thing ever. I fall more in love with that kid every day. 

On a completely unrelated note - I returned to my scheduled weekly Bible study today. While there I realized how many widows I'm beginning to encounter/get to know. I've always been passionate about adopting, and hope it's a dream that is realized some day soon. But that passion was derived from the verse that says true religion is to look after orphans and widows in their distress. Today I realized that while I know no orphans, I do know widows - so I have made it my goal to invite someone over at least once a week. Not every invitee will be a widow, but I'll definitely be keeping them on my mental invite check list. 

While going through pictures of Rori on her birthday I ran across this one.

It's from Rori's first birthday. A picture I never even knew existed, and it is now my most favorite picture ever. 


  1. I remember once, when I was much younger, I was sitting around a picnic table folding palm crosses with a bunch of other women, in preparation for Palm Sunday. And as I sat and listened to them, I slowly realized that I was the only person at the table who wasn't a widow. It was sobering. But somehow encouraging, too. Those women had a lot of joy and wisdom to share!

    1. Sobering indeed. And I do look forward to getting to know these women in my life more and gleaning from their wisdom!

  2. First of all I love the name Rori - just beautiful! Second, your conversation with her is hilarious!

    1. So kind! Thank you! I love Rori's name more and more. Her given name is actually Aurora, but Rori is definitely a better fit for her.

  3. That is a great picture of the both of you! The love is tangible! Oh the great carrot debate- so funny. I'm sorry about your son's dairy issues- I don't know what I would do without cheese, to be honest. Good luck!

    I love the thank-you notes! I'm not sure how you intended them, but I think they're perfect!

    That's so interesting that you have so many widows in your live. I feel like the few widows I know remind me to be ever so grateful for my dear husband and that I have him with me on this earth (even when he leaves his dirty socks out!)

    Just stopped by from Conversion Diary- thanks for sharing your life!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! And thanks for the feedback on the thank you notes! Sometimes DIY's give me cloudy vision and I can't tell if whatever I've made turned out or is just stupid altogether!

  4. Love that picture so much Kelly. And oh my gosh I'm so sorry about the dairy. :( I basically eat a raw, gluten free diet and CHOOSE to not eat dairy...but then can totally cheat when I want to because it doesn't really affect....all I can say is bananas and more bananas. have you ever blended up just frozen bananas? So good. :)
    I also am so passionate about adoption and pray almost everday that God would show Zac and I if this would be right for us. It's a little challenging knowing that we already have two special needs kids....
    How interesting that you have met so many widows. i'm so glad that you are open and that you take these somewhat ignored verses so seriously.
    You're doing great little mama!

    1. Well, thank you kindly to everything. You are always an encouragement. :)

  5. I saw these recently and thought they were clever--a solution to the thank you note task when she's able to write letters! http://www.etsy.com/listing/177476887/thank-you-notes-for-kids-fill-in-the?ref=related-18

    1. That's a great idea for kids! Thanks for the tip! Nice to see you around here, Carrie!