January 23, 2014

Question of the Day

Heard at Breakfast:                  

Rori: We go church today?                  
                                          Me: No. No, we're not going to church today.                                 
Rori: Oh. you just wake up?                 
Me: Yep. I just woke up...                   

That would be me skipping out on bible study this morning. An all-nighter alone with the kids where I watched the clock turn every hour on the hour is making for an incredibly unsuccessful day. The coffee's taken one too many turns in the microwave, the laundry has multiplied, the food is all gone, the toddler is unclothed - her choice, the garbage has overflowed, and the diapers are out of stock, and no, we didn't make it to bible study. Somehow Brian leaves and I can't manage a 24 hour shift without the house looking like the Apocalypse happened. 

Fittingly, I opened my Question of the Day journal that documents 5 years of me answering the same question on the same day, and behold, I laughed out loud:

January 23rd, 2014

Do you need a break today?
From what?

1 comment:

  1. oh my...I have been there so many times ....these kind of days are what inspired me to get an amazon prime account so I can buy those huge boxes of diapers and they are sent directly to my door lol - one time I ran out of wipes and used cloths just because I couldn't stand the fact of going to the store by myself with the kids. Gag.