January 10, 2014

Childhood Haircut Mistakes: The Beginning

   I don't know whether to make this one huge apology to my sister - the hair stylist, a celebration of a milestone, a list of what-not-to-do when giving toddler hair cuts, or a saga about how chopping off a person's hair not only robs them of aesthetical beauty but also takes away their human dignity.....
    I gave Rori her first haircut. She needed it, there was no question:

But I have may have overestimated my skills, and underestimated her ability to sit still. Add in another toddler walking around to distract her, coupled with nervous head jerks, and the fact that her hair was wet - making it SEEM longer.....and the results are what they add up to be. 

Starting out,  her nervousness was over the top. I may made the mistake of making a bigger deal of her first hair cut than I should have. 

I had to bribe her with Elmo - an empathetic friend for handholding - to get her to even stay in the chair.

 I also cut some of my own hair as a demonstration, and followed up by letting her hold her first hair clipping so she could get a sense for what was going on.

And this...this never happened. I have no idea how this picture exists because she didn't let a second go by without moving that little head of hers - at least that's how I felt about it. Between the head jerks, the nervous pull-aways, and never holding her head in the same position twice - I was forced to go a little shorter and a lot more uneven than I planned. 

I wince even looking at it again. I'm praying she'll wake up in the morning and somehow still be cute. (I'm semi-kidding....but mostly not.) And no, there was no fixing any of it - she was done and I wasn't going to risk a bigger "mishap" caused by her frustration with it all. 

I felt like I had robbed her of all feminine dignity. She, however, took more kindly to it. Thankfully she  wasn't as displeased as her mother.

  She picked up modeling quite well after warming up to the camera. I'm kind of glad her father wasn't there to see the sparkle in her eye as she posed.  And I'm kind of hoping this post isn't how he finds out about her new look. I'll be confessing as soon as he gets home from his business trip, and hopefully before he sees her.


To all the momma's out there with bowl-headed children - I now get it, and I no longer judge. 

Rori, may your locks grow back soon. Sorry, kiddo.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post, mostly because I know EXACTLY what it feels like. :) Our youngest girl has such straight hair that the tendency is to look like a mullet all the time. So....I got out my scissors, knowing full well that I shouldn't be holding a pair of scissors for beatifying anything or anyone. Her hair cut wasn't as cute as it could have been or as straight as it should have been.....oh well. I don't think Rori looks like she has had a bowl cut and yes, it'll grow back. :)