December 6, 2013

Seven Quick Takes - the great parenting version

Linking up with Jen for the Seven. 


We had our first battle of the bluff with Rori this week. We were hoping to call her bluff on not picking up her toys before dinner, instead, she almost called ours. Like any not good parent we told her she had to pick up her toys before she ate, thinking of course that she would oblige. Not so. She played it out all the way through Brian and I's dinner without a care. Not picking up the toys. Time passed and she strangely still wasn't motivated by her hot meal just sitting on the table all by itself. She continued to not budge on her decision when we escalated it to a choice between a quick pick up or bed. I don't know how many what-the-heck-do-we-do-now? looks Brian and I exchanged as we totally played it cool and stuck to our guns. She was playing it even cooler.
We roll played her entire night time routine waiting for her to cave. Nope - wasn't happening.  
I was semi-panicking as I carried her to bed wondering what I would do if she really just laid down and went to bed without dinner. 
At the same time, she couldn't win this one. She'd been at her limit of testing, and I knew this time was a game changer. But GEEZE, child, pick up the 6 toys....
Sure enough, I went to lay her down in bed and she burst into tears saying she wanted to eat and would pick up her toys. She ran out of the room, picked up her toys, and gave herself a standing ovation. I couldn't help but join in with her. 


If you've happened to be watching the weather at all, we happen to be in the locale of the ice storm that is hitting. Brian was getting groceries yesterday and came back laughing at the END OF THE WORLD panic everyone seemed to be in. He said it was worse than Black Friday. We thought we were just getting snow, and being that we just moved from Michigan - you know, no bid deal. 
Well, joke's on us. Guess it is a bid deal. And everything but Brian's work is shut down tomorrow. Figures.
Rori, however, DID enjoy the brief moments of playing in the snow that we entertained her with. 

Nope, no hat. or gloves. or zipped up coat.....

We weren't that committed to staying outside too long and decided to manipulate the situation a little. If we didn't convince you in numero uno - we obviously deserve the best parents award.

She had her fun, realized her hands were cold, and declared she was all done. Case closed. 


On a better parenting note, I've been scouring the stores to find Christmas pajamas for our little offspring. I found these at Target and fell in love.

 They are SO incredibly soft and look beautiful in person - promise. But...that particular Target only had a few left and not in Rori's size. So I've been looking everywhere to find the same or similar pair and no such luck. All Targets are sold out for 80 miles, and all other stores only carry princess or Dora varieties which don't really suit my fancy. The Christmas pajama tradition isn't getting off to a good start this year.


If you're still reading after my little cry fest over pajamas.... I feel like there has been an unnecessary amount of blog posts and sketchy articles going viral and angering many. Everyone is getting up in arms about what so and so said - WHO NO ONE EVEN KNOWS - and feels the need to react to it. Seriously, lets just calm down and not get outrageously overworked about a blog post we ran across on facebook that was posted by a friend, of a friend, of a friend etc. a million times. I could go on, but it's kind of a soapbox for me, so I'll stop since, well, you know....


I'm loving the obvious brotherly/sisterly connection that is going on in these pictures:

Rori's fiendish smile and Judah clearly looking betrayed by his mother. They get along so well.


Please just judge me now, but I totally had to look up how to spell three of the Spanish numbers above. And, wouldn't you know it, I actually grew up in Mexico. I'm the world's worst speller - and I blame it on the bilingual upbringing. When most letters carry 5 different sounds it gets confusing....


I'll say it was baby brain setting in, but I sent Brian to the store to buy cranberries instead of craisins the other day. Being an awesome husband he picked up fresh rather than canned - seeing as I didn't specify because I thought it was clear I wanted dried ones in a bag. So if anyone happens to have a great recipe using fresh cranberries it would be much appreciated. Not really interested in sauce recipes. Thanks!


  1. Cranberry Chess Pie - delish - served it for Thanksgiving Dinner ( Delicious and easy.

    1. This looks delicious!! Thank you!!