December 9, 2013

R's Stocking

 So I haven't been privileged enough to have found THE Christmas stockings for our family. You know - the ones we'll have forever; the ones our children will have in all their Christmas memories.  I haven't found ones I love yet, and I don't want to buy some just because we're in need of them. I've also had the quandary of finding the perfect ones before our family is complete and then not having matching ones for any future Meaghers that show up post purchase. BUT a brilliant friend solved that dilemma for me last year. She knew she always wanted 4 kids, so when she found her stockings, she just bought six to include all future members of her family - SO SMART.  I plan to follow suit once I find said stockings. In the mean time, I decided to make Rori's (and Judah's) this year. 

I probably need an intervention in the diy/sewing arena. It's one thing to make awesome things to add to your home. It's an entirely different thing to think you can....
 I ten to fall in the camp of neither - not making awesome things, but also not really expecting that I can. I simply enjoy the process, and that has to count for something. Hopefully?
And before everyone decides that intervention is necessary...I give you:

Rori's stocking. 

I used all scraps I already had, so you know, not really thought out entirely. The fur I had gotten at a garage sale, hoping to re-purpose it. I'm not sure I'll be re-purposing it past this project.

It weirded me out just a little bit. The rest of the fabric really doesn't go as wonderfully as I had hoped, but it's slightly stretchy and perfect for stocking stuffing. And the "R" was from a stamp I already had with gold paint I also already had.

Tonight I'll get to work on Judah's - a smaller version of the same thing. And until those perfect pairs of stockings come along, we'll be making do with the imperfect versions. Luckily the kiddos are young enough to not care, and I'm young enough to still place a high sentimental value on my own homemade goods.

So till next time....
Hope you're enjoying all the Christmas preparations on your side of the screen. 

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