December 4, 2013

A Simple Fun

She had fun picking out her brother's Christmas gift. She had fun wrapping it; she had fun unwrapping it. And then she had fun decorating the tree with the gift tag.

She had fun decorating the tree with ALL the gift tags. 

But she had fun. 
Simple fun. 
And I like simple, so I left them.

I like the freshness of simple.

I like when things are just full enough to feel complete, and just empty enough to feel the smallest hint of want.

I like the slightly imperfect. 

It leaves room for appreciation.

And it draws you in. 

So I went simple. 
And when it was time to pick out Rori's gift, I remembered her fun. 
Her simple fun.

And I didn't pick out the biggest and the best. And I didn't pick out the whistles and bells. 
I picked out the one that drew me in. 
The one that made me love it's oddness.
The one that felt complete, yet raw.
I chose the simple one, hoping it will bring her fun.
A simple fun. 
A fun she will grow to appreciate.

And now I can't wait until Christmas.

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