November 12, 2013

Taking a moment

     It's three in the afternoon and I'm drinking coffee out of the biggest mug we own. It's just one of those days - actually it was one of those nights. Maybe it's going to be one of those weeks....

    Two hours ago I had Rori down for a nap and was trying to quickly feed Judah hoping for a nap of my own. The table, the counters, and the sink were covered in lunch remnants; our bedroom and living room were spotted with blankets and clothing from our rush out the door this morning; and I was flipping on the TV hoping to stay awake till the little man dozed off. Sometimes the chaos of television offers a great escape from the chaos in my soul.

     I've realized long nights become instant magnifying glasses for everything less than pleasant in the world. They blow things up out of proportion and everything becomes a bigger deal. Which is why the messy house seemed to be slowly closing in on me and choking out all the peace. And while I had a great time visiting at our play date this morning, the normal stress of conversing with strangers and having my kids in an unfamiliar place was weighing heavier than usual.

     It didn't help that I had gone to bed letting all of yesterday eat away at me. I don't like Veteran's Day. It comes three days after what was Brian's last day in the Air Force. This year marks two years and I could swear it's been five. And while I celebrate the day for Brian, it doesn't escape me that a veteran isn't what he wants to be. He'd rather still be serving. For some reason it really got to me yesterday - a blog post I just wasn't up for typing out....

     So on the TV went - distraction at its finest.  Before the screen could even register anything I turned it back off. More chaos. It was just going to be more chaos that added to the unrestfulness. So I sat in silence with my little newborn - my little newborn who is now a month old. And I realized how thankful I was for him. How thankful I am for Rori - for Brian...for a lot of things. I had thought the silence was going to enhance the blaring noises of the day; instead it slowly ebbed them out. It cleared my head and the stresses slowly began to leave.

     I got my nap in. And the kitchen got cleaned up during our snack time. I started the water for coffee simply because it sounded good, and  I soon found my little ones alternating in and out of my arms. On to the rest of the day....I'm glad I gave silence a chance.




  1. This is super cute, Kelly :) he's a handsome little guy- i love his hair! Wanted to let you know that I got the birth announcement. Thanks for including me. I will proudly display it on my bulletin board. Love your blog and always appreciate the things you write.

    1. Thanks, Erin! Miss keeping up with you on YOUR blog. Going to start it up after the craziness is over?