November 22, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

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Rori got her "big girl bed" last Sunday. Possibly the dumbest timing on our part since Brian was gone all week. What were we thinking? Thankfully it's been the easiest transition ever. She's more frightened by it than anything. She refuses to get out of bed unless I come in the room and tell her she can get down. I've even yelled from another room that she could get up - nope, wouldn't do it.  The downside to that being she cries every time she goes to bed and asks to sleep in our bed - I don't know why since that has NEVER been a scenario in our house. But all in all, it has been a fun little change, and I think we've figured out a working bedtime routine. 


I won't play the martyr telling you how awful the week was on my own. It wasn't awful at all. I did, however, come to greatly appreciate Brian's presence in the evenings. For some reason I thought Rori would go to bed, Judah would either sleep or be completely happy not being held, and I would happily have all the time in the world to work on whatever I wanted. Not so. It took half the week to figure out what made Rori feel secure in her bed. And Judah, well......he required a lot more holding, comforting, and feeding than I thought necessary.  I just gave in and decided to enjoy holding the little guy. After all, he's already looking like he's four months old. 


I follow Surviving the Stores and it has been the best decision ever. I have gotten so many great deals through her little notifications. I follow her on Facebook since I find her blog difficult to navigate, and while she tends to overrun my newsfeed, I can easily see which deals are happening. ALL THAT TO SAY, she's been updating Amazon's lightening deals and I found this guy while I was browsing:

The worst part was that it was sold out from the deal Amazon was offering at the time. Seriously, people, you are ruining your child if you're resorting to this. Just don't. 


Since Rori is going to be dominating this post - she has discovered that Walmart is the land of anything-you-want. Twice this week she has asked for something that we didn't have (strawberries and yoghurt), and when I told her we didn't have any she told me to go to Walmart. And when I informed her I wasn't going to go retrieve her wanted items she told me she would go. Fourteen more years, girl, and that will be great. 


What I actually was able to accomplish last night:

Whilst Roir still can't browse the internet or read I'll show you the part of her Christmas present that finally got done. I'm finishing up the set with dishtowels tonight. The black oven mitts obviously don't go - I mentioned before that they were my first run and I didn't love the fabric, but I do like how they turned out. I also moved up a level in the sewing world, and instead of sewing on the slow motion setting I upped it all the way to "medium". Best decision ever - I would have been working on these beauties for a week had I not taken the leap. 


My mom sent me this video: 

It has to be one of my favorite celebrity/fan stories.  If you don't understand Spanish then you're missing out - I'd explain it, but it just wouldn't have the same effect. 


This little miss:

I know, I know - she's taken up this whole post. And this is why:

She's just too great in my book. She's been watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood this morning and letting me buy my way to actually getting this post up. I wouldn't say she's taken too kindly to Brian being gone this week. I wasn't going to say anything to anyone, but I think she's been a little mad at him for not being here. And if you're clued into the toddler/Daniel Tiger Neighborhood world, the show picks different events in a toddler's life and show's Daniel navigating his feelings etc. Well, this morning was on moms and dads leaving and how "Groooown-uuups come baaaaack" (if only I could insert the little tune that goes along with the phrase...). Rori was so excited Daniel's dad came back home, and realized Brian would be coming home too. Needless to say, I think he's forgiven and will get a warm welcome tomorrow morning.

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