November 8, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

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Against my better judgement, I once again give you the Seven:


Daylight savings was the worst.  The kiddos completely ruined the whole concept of it - at least the concept we appreciate it for. I will now forever be in dread of that day until all our current and future kids are old enough to benefit from the day themselves.  The one good thing that came of it was changing Rori's bedtime. She technically goes to bed at the same time she always has only now it's 7 instead of 8, and we get one more hour of evening to ourselves. My sanity is already being restored - or maybe it's exactly the same since my morning now starts an hour earlier.


I'm not a" bathe the babes" every day kind of mom. I don't particularly love bath time - in fact more often than not Brian is in charge of that department. Rori has always gotten a bath when she needs one, or when one too many days has gone by.  And we've been pretty much happy with that. However, since Judah has come along I've kind of fallen in love with his hair. And the awesomeness of his hair requires that he be bathed. Coatings of spit-up, lotion, and oils all tend to kill his natural Alfalfa vibe - and I'm seeing great fauxhawks in his future. So I've been pushing that baths a little bit more often just to enjoy this silly pleasure. Clean kids are an added plus.......


Saw this today and couldn't resist. I'm not anti-thankfulness, but let's just be thankful when we're thankful and not because it's Novemeber 4th, and then 5th, and then 6th, and then 7th. Just ignore this if you disagree. 


I'm once again quite embarrassed about the amount of chocolate and sugar I've consumed since Judah has been born. I say once again because I have vivid memories of downing three entire pans of brownies after Rori was born. Last week I polished off two plates of cookies and Brian had to replenish my chocolate chip supply with a two pound bag. I realize the practicality in buying the two pounder, but now there is no way around my shame once that bag is gone. The small bags disappeared into oblivion with a semi vagueness on actual amounts - no longer the case. I'm trying to cut back - I really am. On the other hand I have this theory that everything is fair game the first six weeks after you have a baby. 


I grossly underestimated how hard it is to have a non-messy house with more than one child.

The other morning I was trying to get out the door and picked up 6 diapers spread throughout three different rooms. And I try. I really have tried to keep things picked up. I get a spare moment and I'm running to the trash, the washing machine, my closet, or Rori's toy box. And STILL every time Brian gets home it looks like I sat on the couch all day while an army of toddlers destroyed the place. So to all those moms out there - I understand. 


Since apparently it's confession time - I watch Ancient Aliens. Not only do I watch it, but I have it set to record any episode that might grace the History channel. Most I've already seen. I don't really believe in aliens. It's just the only show where I can learn about ancient history, and I LOVE ancient history. I'm fascinated by it. And the show goes to places I've never heard of and gives pretty in depth accounts of archaeological finds. Google Pumu Punku - incredible place.


I am SO, SO happy to not be pregnant any more. I randomly think that throughout the day and any time I see a pregnant woman. I truly hate being pregnant. And I feel so ungrateful saying that because I'm pretty sure I have had the most smooth and pleasant pregnancies one can ask for. But I still hate it - every day of it. I even prolonged taking a pregnancy test with Judah just so I wouldn't know I was pregnant for that many more weeks.

 So November 8th: I'm thankful I'm no longer pregnant. 
(AND super thankful I have a healthy little boy!)


  1. Haha I 100% agree with #3. And thank you for sharing #7. As nice as it is to hear peoples glory stories when they are pregnant, it's sometimes nice to hear the straight up truth!

  2. I have found at least 4 dirty diapers (rolled up) in the boys room before - I watch every episode of 19 Kids and Counting as I can....and I bathe my little boys probably once a week. If their feet start turning black and their hair is sticky they get a bath...if not I just use a washcloth on their face if they are lucky. I just started brushing Tristan's teeth about 5 weeks ago...Tristan is 4. OMGGGGGG

  3. HA! Thanks for the reassurance of mom reality! Nineteen kids and counting.....I don't know how she keeps any of those kids clean! Obviously they're older though....