November 3, 2013


  Waiting for Judah's arrival and then responding to his (late) debut seemed to have taken up all of October. Thankfully Brian's family arrived just in time to help us celebrate the month correctly - more for Rori's sake than anything else. We used the month's last weekend to finally make our way to a pumpkin patch complete with pig races, petting zoo, hayride, corn maze, minimal selection of pumpkins, and pony rides.

While there Brian and I realized Rori's irrational fears spread a little further than we thought. There was absolutely no touching of the animals by her. She seemed particularly offended that other people actually wanted to feed them. Apparently the Arkansas influence hasn't gotten to her yet. 

There was only one real melt down, and in her defense, an enormously large cow had gotten a little too close to her face.

The rest of the festivities were all fun and no tears. 

We even enjoyed some rotten pumpkin smashing since the patch had been too well picked over. I suppose it ended up being more of a pumpkin "standing" in Rori's case. Give her a few pounds and she'll be upping her game. 

The pony ride ended our time in success. Please take note of the tight grip Rori had on her grandfather. Apparently she wasn't too trusting of her sturdy steed. Talk to her about it now and you'd think it was the highlight of her life.

My kind mother-in-law stayed most of the week with us since Brian was out of town. Rori had fun activities to keep her busy, Judah had lots of cuddling, and I had extra sleep and hot coffee every morning - not to mention a clean house and a few meals in the freezer when she left. It was the perfect recharge for all of us since we were braving it alone the last two days while Brian finished up his trip. The kids being perhaps being much more brave than I. 

I'll spare you my woes on two days alone with the kiddos - mainly because I have none. I'm proud to say I managed to get Rori and Judah both in full costume and took them out trick or treating.

 Judah went as the cross-eyed frog.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Rori was Amelia Earhart, other wise thought of as a little boy in a pilot costume. Serves me right for not dawning her in fairy wings or a princess dress. Above is the only photo she opted to pose for before throwing off her hat and running away became more fun.  I will say I was ill prepared for the not-kid-friendly costumes other children were wearing. Luckily toddlers are easily distracted. I'll have to have a better game plan for next year though.

Brian rejoined our family in time for the beginnings of November and we've all taken the weekend to indulge in nap taking, a lovely nature walk, and a few too many shows. Relaxation at it's finest. Brian also treated me to an afternoon of being baby free while I attended a friend's shower - I returned feeling rather human again. And before I lose all chance of sleep and start November off all wrong, I'm signing out. Here's to being a little more faithful in the blog arena.    

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