November 5, 2013

Family Pictures

 Judah had a bad day today. Actually he had a bad night which I think translated into a bad morning and then the whole day was just shot. Poor guy just couldn't figure out what was wrong - and neither could his mama. Rori had plenty of ideas of what the problem was - many of them revolved around his diaper needing to be changed - and occasionally she was right. Other times she just stared at his angry little person and said "Judah happy?".

  No. Judah not happy.

  So while I'm up lulling the little guy to sleep Christmas lists, Christmas shopping, and emails are all getting done. And along with great things getting accomplished - we just sent out the last of Judah's birth announcements. I took his newborn pictures myself because I had nothing to lose - if they didn't turn out we'd just make an appointment with a real picture taker. They're simple, but that was what I was going for.

  I've actually been wanting professional family pictures for quite some time now. Our last professional photography experience was our wedding. Rori's newborn pictures were professional but she didn't cooperate long enough for any family pictures to happen. 
  I'm probably the main problem of why we haven't gotten any family pictures done. For one the price gets me every time. I'm not interested in paying a high price before I know I'll be happy with the outcome. And part of the problem is I'm not quite sure what a great outcome looks like.  I don't want the formal Olan Mills look, but I don't want such casual pictures that people wonder if we took them ourselves (like Judah's newborn pictures). Sure I see the occasional awesome, casual family photo on Pinterest - but I'm also smart enough to know that that turnout probably isn't the norm. And I'm too frugal to dish out hundred dollar bills when the likely hood of getting very normal pictures is pretty high. 

  I also have this undermining issue with the new vibe in professional photography. I'm convinced come twenty years our kids are going to be making non-stop fun of the random chair in a field, bride and groom on top of a haystack, shirtless family with a naked newborn, and everyone's barefoot kind of pictures we are currently thinking to be cool. Think about it. Really.  Lets move our furniture outside, set up a living room, take pictures, and pretend it isn't weird... Don't get me wrong - I often admire the creativity and beauty of modern photography, but when I think of my family photos I want something that will seem tasteful in twenty some odd years and not be equated to the mistake of the 1980's glamour shot. 

  And in my great dilemma of frugality, wanting assurance of a good outcome, and not quite being able to pin down what I ACTUALLY want,  I've paralyzed myself into not getting family portraits. Meaning we just won't have ANY when that twenty some odd years comes along. Probably not the greatest solution ever, and probably I just need to not take it so seriously. Probably. All this to say - no one will be getting a Christmas card from us this year. Count Judah's newborn announcement as sufficient and just hope for the best next year.  

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  1. We've never had a professional picture done EXCEPT our wedding - that was almost 10 years ago. I decided that now it's not worth it because the boys probably won't look at the camera and I'll be stressed out and then everytime I look at my 100 dollar picture I'll remember the stress and wish I hadn't done it. :)