November 24, 2013


The little lady decorated her tree tonight. She started with this year's ornament pick - cupcakes. Pink, blue, green cupcakes. And I refrained from editing her choice. I refrained because years from now it will tell her a story she won't remember. It will tell her about the love and thought process of  the little person she once was. 

A version of herself she'll never remember. A version of herself she won't ever know. But I will. I'll remember her and how she patiently scanned the aisle of ornaments not jumping to grab any one of them too quickly. How she spotted the cupcakes our second time around and decided those were the ones she wanted. How Brian and I exchanged smiles knowing how much she loves cupcakes.

I'll remember my almost two year old and the first Christmas tree she ever decorated. I'll remember how she dictated the day's plan over and over. Nap time first THEN Walmart. Daddy was going, Mommy was going, Rori was going, AND Judah. The Christmas tree would come next and brownies had to wait till after dinner. And no, no fruit snacks for dinner. Maybe later...always "maybe later"...never a no. Repeat plan just to make sure....

I'll remember.

I'll remember the small Christmas tree, the striped t-shirt, the brownies, the little girl who it was all for... 
And the cupcakes, I'll remember the cupcakes. I'll remember how they perfectly captured who my little girl was...and that that was why I had bought them.

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  1. So perfect! I give all of my kids an ornament every year so that hopefully I can give them their box when they are older :) Trinity loves cupcakes too