November 17, 2013

Christmas angels and Grinches

   Our weekend saw the glimpse of the holiday season. I bought a mini Christmas tree at a new store in town. It's pre-lit with colored lights - not my favorite - but I had a little lady in mind who will probably find them endearing. I'm hoping for a little decorating party with the family next weekend - Rori can have her tree and I can have mine. Brian and Judah can have the couch. They tell me it's a guy thing - I tell them it's a grinch thing but their presence is all that's requested.  Happiness for all.

  To go with the holiday season - Christmas gifts are in tow. Brian is making Rori a little kitchen set and I'm accessorizing.  We're crossing our hearts-hope-to-die it turns out since both of us are new to our required crafting skills. I have the potholders done - they're adorably small.  I'll probably start over tomorrow since I didn't love the fabric. I tried not to be picky but......I want to be excited about them - so new ones it's going to be. The apron and dishtowels will be soon to follow.

  Along with homemade gifts I've decided on making some doll clothes. Mini presents for Rori's mini tree - fitting, right? Overboard? I'm not gift crazy - but I do love giving her gifts.  And with Brian gone all week projects are going to seem welcoming. If the sewing thing doesn't work out there will probably just be a lot more posts going up. Wish me the best in both worlds, please. Or maybe just wish me the best with this week in general. I'm not too anxious - when all else fails I turn on a movie, make Rori popcorn and promise to start over the next day. They're only days, and there will only be five of them.

  And Brian - kidding on the title - I know you're not a grinch. Can't wait to see you this weekend.

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