October 18, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

 To post or not to post - that would be the question. After re-reading my Judah post, I probably should give it a few weeks before I attempt to write anything again. This round of postpartum recovery has me feeling like I'm in a drugged fog, and I've been skipping out on the pain meds this time - go figure. 

But here I go linking up with Conversion Diary for the seven quick ones. 

Judah started out the week (and his third day of life) with flare and landed us a night in the ER. Dehydration unkindly welcomed itself into his little life. It was an exhausting night, and I think it's taken me longer to recover from that than his actual birth. He's doing well now, and the whole episode brought to light that I really love the pediatrician we randomly went with. Blessings in disguise....

The adjustment from one kid to two has left me with little and lots of bits of mom guilt. I hate holding Judah while telling Rori I can't pick her up.  I'm probably being oversensitive as I know Rori really is fine, but all that to say, it's been a huge blessing to have my brother Brandon and his wife show up. They decided to swing by and say hi - Brandon just got back from Afghanistan and we were more than pleased to see him! He and Kaylie have instantly become Rori's best buds. 

Take note of the full i-phone access they give her. That might have something to do with the best buds part.  

Although Judah seems to be enjoying them quite a bit too, and they've allowed him no i-phone time.

My home officially got ranked a zero on the homey-ness scale. Now that Brandon and Kaylie are reunited and will be setting up their house they've been taking note of all the homes they're visiting and gathering ideas. Brandon is all about the homey-ness factor, and apparently my house doesn't even make it on the grading scale. Not even a 1 or a 2. He said the hardwood floor in the living room is what killed my score. I'm not too hurt over it....I'll probably just be rearranging my whole house after he leaves. 

This lady, also known as my mom, has been the biggest blessing these last two weeks.
There's nothing quite like handing off a crying newborn at 2 in the morning, or walking away from a table full 

of dirty dishes knowing they'll be taken care of, or not having made the dinner that created the dirty dishes,

 or not having to wrestle the toddler into the bathtub and then into her pajamas and then into the crib....It's all  

been great. I'll miss her greatly when she leaves tomorrow - I think the kids will too.  

I made this gluten free coffee cake this week, and it's officially the best breakfast/snack/eat-anytime comfort food ever. It's actually the third time I've made it this month, and I have a feeling it might be popping up on the menu next week. So good - even if you're not the gluten free type. I've gotten compliments from all around so please go give it a try. 

I stepped outside my status-quo and took the initiative to hopefully not-too-creepily contact a mom I met at the park right before Judah was born. The whole five minutes I had to talk to her told me I liked very much and I would love to be her friend. She also just happened to recently move to our small town due to her husband's job, her oldest was born the same month as Rori, and she has a little newborn a few weeks older than Judah. Crazily we attend the same church - which is large so I doubt I've ever seen her there - and her and her husband signed up to join the small group Brian and I just joined. So......we have a little bit in common. They ended backing out of the small group before we ever had the chance to meet, but I was still able to find her email address in the first group message that went out. So I took the liberty to hopefully not be a creep and sent her a message. Friendship pending.....I'm excitedly awaiting the outcome.

I'm just going to pull out the post-partum recovery card and excuse myself from having to come up with a #7. 
Happy one week little man!

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  1. Good for you for reaching out to your potential new friend! I hope it goes well for you guys. Making new friends can be so hard as an adult, I've found, but it's so worth the effort.