October 4, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

So because I'm not at the hospital having a baby, I'm here, posting. Not a great trade off. Also, I don't know why every pregnant woman expects to go into labor early - I should know better. 

 Once again, here we are linking up with Conversion Diary. (I don't know what is up with any link I ever try to post, but I've tried every possible color and it just never stands out. My apologies.)

Being in my nine-months-pregnant-insomniac state of mind, the internet has been my dear source of friendship replacing the probably better choice of a book. I'm sure I annoyed all of my not so many pinterest followers when I stumbled upon this blog and pinned everything imaginable. I loved all the kids clothes and they looked fairly simple to make. If fabric were readily available I might have opted to be sewing instead of blogging tonight. 

Due to Rori's plastics being in my parking spot, and then not pulling into the garage far enough, and then pulling in too far, I had to turn off the vehicle and exit and restart it several times during a parking session today. Around the middle of the scenario I got back into the car and uttered how stupid it all was and sure enough,  from the back came a very loud "stupid!". On to watching the language around the little lady. 

I've always wished I could be one of those people who finds great art pieces at thrift stores. And with years of not ever coming close, last weekend I found this large and surprisingly heavy beauty. Feels good to finally be able to (self-proclaimingly) hang my hat in that club - even if it only exists in my head...

The baby boy still isn't here -  in case I didn't make that clear enough before. 

Back to the internet as I wait for him - I love scouring GILT in my reoccurring free time. While I actually don't love a lot of their selection and almost everything I do love is well, WELL, out of my price range, I think I appreciate the idea of everything they have. Really, if I'm being honest, it's just their home goods and baby/kids stuff I most enjoy.  I have occasionally found some great deals that I've been super proud of. Like when they sent me a you-haven't-bought-anything-in-a-while 30% off coupon. And when I invited my husband to sign up for it, and he got $25 off a pair of shoes he wanted, and I got $25 free spending money because my invited friend bought something. It was a win/win day. And tonight they had waffle makers on sale which I've very much been wanting - reason behind GILT even landing a mention. 

I wish I had something intelligent to say or mention, but I don't. We haven't been able to find a viable source for television/my preferred medium for news access, and I've been too much into a pregnancy brain fog to engage with anything on an intellectual level. One day I'll find myself again...

One of Brian's coworkers heard the doctor scheduled me for an induction next week and offered to go walking tonight. It was nice to feel like I had a friend. Three months after a move you kind of get into that awkward acquaintance stage with everyone. And it probably hasn't helped that I've non-intentionally holed myself up in the house out of exhaustion these last few weeks.  So her efforts were very much appreciated on my end. 

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  1. Aww. Waiting for a baby can be hard! Hope he comes soon and smoothly, and that you can avoid the induction. :) The thrifted art is lovely!