October 23, 2013

Flying Solo

  The baby in the bassinet, the toddler in her highchair, and mom quickly trying to find something comfortable and yet semi-presentable to wear. A tiny baby sneeze and a "bwess you!" are heard from my room making a heart warming smile grace my face. Both diapers are changed, 1.5 of the babies have been dressed, and 1.5 of them have eaten, and I've come to the conclusion that "half done" is going to be the norm. It's our second day flying solo.
   Dressed in all black I'm back in the kitchen finishing up the toddler's breakfast. She doesn't want to eat because "Elmo" has been waiting. 
   "Fifteen more minutes, baby girl. He's coming in fifteen minutes."

Nice reflection, no?

    My goal for this morning is a cup of coffee. If I get to my coffee cup without rewarming it fifty times I'll count it all a success. The baby is screaming - I don't know why. Rori insists it's the pacifier and allows me to once again interrupt her breakfast to go calm the little man. The pacifier is a fail and Rori offers round two of her expertise - it must be a diaper change. That will just have to wait...
    Down from the highchair we carefully go - momma's still not supposed to be lifting. In the few minutes between breakfast and Sesame Street the little lady has semi-undressed and endlessly asks for help redressing. Big sigh on my part - just this time...

  The anxiously awaited Sesame Street has finally arrived. I'm halfway closer to coffee - or perhaps just an hour of less occupied time. In the middle of finding the right channel the whistle blows letting me know my water is becoming a little too hot for the right brew. Please don't wake the baby...

  Finally set, I head back to make the coffee knowing that my own breakfast, laundry, a dirty kitchen, a dirty house, an unmade bed, clothes from the hospital....it all awaits. Not to mention there's always a little newborn baby to cuddle. Which to choose? I make the coffee anyway. Hoping...

  New mercies for this morning is a needed reminder. As I make my breakfast I flinch. Sure enough Rori heard the whip cream go on my coffee. A pitter-patter of little feet and an "I want some" fill my ears. And then she spots my apples with peanut butter. If I ever needed a diet she would be my answer. A shared breakfast it is. 

 And back to breakfast round two for the Judah man. But my coffee has been had and my breakfast half eaten. A success in my book. The cleaning and organizing and lunch and more diaper changes - they'll all be gotten to. And naps. Dear naps....I almost forgot. Only two hours to go.  


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