September 13, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Linking up with Conversion Diary once again.

Seven Quick Takes: the week sans husband.

 Brian was gone this week - coming back tomorrow - so glad I didn't go into labor - but maybe not, because it would have made a great story. Here's the non-exciting, non-labor version of our week:


After day one of Brian being gone I realized having a plan was probably necessary. Staying home and doing nothing all day turned into a bored and frustrated Rori who ended up getting too much Elmo time. So day two we got up early and went on a coffee date. Being selfish, I bought myself a treat and brought breakfast for her.  When she casually started placing her cereal on my plate I took it for one of her transferring obsessions. And I played the fool. As soon as her bowl had been emptied, she reached over one last time and grabbed my muffin. Props to her for at least offering a trade. And we had a great morning in the end - visited the park for a few hours after the coffee shop. All was well.


I also took the opportunity to watch a Netflix birthing documentary while Brian away from home. Great choice to watch it without him, horrible choice to watch it. I soon began to doubt ever stepping foot into the hospital once I go into labor....and.....we know where all those thoughts can take you at midnight when you're by yourself. Not good. 


Since Netflix didn't pan out the first night, I've since been using my evenings to make Rori a dress/shirt/tunic/clothing item (can you tell I have no pattern being that I don't know what to call it...) with my new sewing machine (early birthday present from the in-laws!). I probably should be further along since I'm pretty sure it could be a few hours worth project, but I'm not. Hoping tonight brings a bit more progress.


It seems the critters around here took stock in the fact that I would be without a husband and decided to flaunt their power over the human being who is a million times their size. I'm only slightly embarrassed about this:

In my defense it was, again, around midnight (the picture of the text was taken at 7:42 for all those who are overly sensitive to details), so I may have not been thinking super clearly. And the thing WAS huge, and disgusting. I had my revenge this morning - he's gone. 

Second battle was with the black widow in our mailbox. Yesterday I shamelessly left him there with half our mail that I wasn't going to touch. Today I was a bit more postman-conscious since our mailbox was full to the brim. I removed the important pieces and overkilled the inside with whatever insect killer I found - hope it kills spiders too. The rest of the mail will be removed tomorrow with the hopefully dead spider. 


Not that ANYONE needs this info, but - had a doctors appointment today and I'm more than pleased that my body is headed in the pro-labor direction. Since Rori's pregnancy never showed any signs or hope of labor, I almost opted to just not even get checked this time around. But here I am - 37 weeks and not complaining. This boy WILL in fact be coming. Enough on that one.....


Brian and I went the boring route this year for birthdays, and we just let the other person pick out their present themselves. I hate the boringness in doing that to each other, but sometimes it can be nice. So after visiting the doctor I went to check the good old TJ MAXX hoping to find a lamp I'd been wanting that other stores had sold out of. 

Once again, I was pleasantly surprised. Haven't found a place to put her yet - hence the weird picture. Happy early Birthday to me!


Ending on a semi-boring note, but one I'm actually proud of. I decided to jump back into reading for the first time since......Rori was born.  I'm attempting Confessions of St. Augustine for the 5th time in my life - hoping the 5th time's a charm and I actually get through it. And I started a book called Desperate - Hope for the Mom who Needs to Breathe, which honestly isn't my cup of tea. I'm reading it for a mom's group I joined last week. I just don't feel very desperate as a mom yet - maybe it's coming. And if nothing else I'm branching out and reading something I normally wouldn't.

And....there you have it. For some reason I feel like these 7 Takes posts just aren't that great of an idea. I guess I get bored writing them. We'll see if I keep it up. 


  1. love your pics!

  2. Wow, St. Augustine is quite a chewy book for someone who hasn't read a book in a while. Good luck with it.