September 9, 2013

Graveyard Picks

This is sounding less and less romantic and more and more desperate the more time passes - but - we went name shopping in the town cemetery yesterday morning. I imagined a cool September stroll through the old cemetery, finding quaint names and cool stories, and finally coming across a perfect name for the little man. 

Instead we got 90 degrees of hot Arkansas sun, no breeze, and a pregnant mom who was ready to leave before we even made it on the grounds. I'm pretty sure this was Rori's happiest moment of the morning - first thing out of the stroller and right before she realized how hot and boring of an idea this was.

Brian agreed to the morning's venture - perhaps just as ignorantly optimistic as myself - with the only exception being that if we found a name it had to be googled in order to avoid blindly naming our son after the town murderer. It was a valid point.

We noticed there seemed to be a strange phenomenon going on of wives never being buried next to their waiting husbands. And unless they're 150 years old and still out farming somewhere, I'd like to know the reasons behind all the desertion. Seems like it would be the ultimate betrayal - forever in stone, for all the world to see their wives never came to rest beside their sides. So melodramatic, I know......moving on. 

While I fell in love with all the women's names, except for Myrta - I didn't love Myrta, I can't say we walked away with any all time male favorites. 

Well, there was Hugh. But Hugh has always been on my favorite's list and on Brian's "hate it' list. In all fairness he has some probably great names that I've loving put a line through. If you noticed the "Ira" a few pictures up - that was his pick.

We should probably put a line through the thought of the whole morning and say it never happened.  It seemed like a cool idea at the time - who wouldn't want to say their parents found their name in a graveyard? Our son, maybe.

I suppose it's all good. We've got four weeks to land somewhere. And hopefully that landing comes soon - I'm little by little warming up to Brian's what I call "super hero" name. It's all or nothing on that one, and I'm afraid that it isn't a name that would look very endearing on a headstone. 

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  1. I'm not sure why Brian likes Ira, but I love it because of Ira Glass.

    You look lovely, Kelly :) Hugs from Chicago!