September 4, 2013

Family Photo Album

 Every now and then I get paranoid that I'm failing to photographically capture Rori's life as it passes by. I loved looking at our old photo albums when I was growing up, and I don't want to miss having those pictures for Rori. I already tragically missed her first birthday. Our camera wasn't working, and although we tried, almost all the pictures are out of focus or blurry. I think we have a few I-phone pictures that are going to have to do - nothing like comparing that to the albums of professional first birthday pictures I'm sure most of her friends are going to proudly possess. 

  And while professional photography isn't a requirement, I'd at least like to provide her with a decent amount of captured memories that we can share with her at a later date. You know, pictures of the tiny apartment we brought her home to. That time we moved to Arkansas and I was seven months pregnant with her little brother. How about any pictures of me pregnant for that matter. Or even a family picture would be nice. Fail. fail. and fail again. I'm so behind when it comes to pictures we should have. 

So this labor day weekend Brian's parents came to visit, and I conjured up all my mom guilt to persuade myself to get out the real camera and take some pictures. Finally. Never too late to start, right? Eh...probably wrong.  There are always should have's that don't deserve stupid statements like that. 

Really there are so many stages I am hating to forget. Watching her day to day life makes them all blur into one big memory, and I can't ever seem to remember when she started doing this or saying that.  

Like when she actually started growing hair...

...or when her motivation to learn to count stemmed from wanting to be swung in the air...

...or when she fell in love with slides...

...or when she started wanting the same four books to be read over, and over, and over again.

So many memories. And I want them all to be in visual form so one day she can see all the stories we talk about and have a little bit of her young days to hold onto. Hopefully I'll fail her brother a little less and succeed a little more on the rest of her life. 

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  1. Beautiful the colored one that shows her hair :)