August 30, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

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WARNING: This one's a bit underwhleming, nonetheless, I bring you 7 things around our emerging home that currently make me happy. Most are still unfinished projects, and while trivial, they still bring a smile to my face. 

1. The shower curtain: I realize my excitement over a shower curtain should probably generate some sort of embarrassment on my part, but as you can see I'm completely unashamed in my enthusiasm for it. I love it. And it was totally an unnecessary buy (well, maybe just a little bit jumped-the-gun buy.) Had I known our second bathroom didn't need a shower curtain I PROBABLY wouldn't have indulged myself. Still don't regret it....

 2. The little coffee station: I regretably stole this idea from Pinterest and feel like a total kindergartner who copies someone else's drawing. I feel that way anytime I do something from Pinterest and still can't decide if it makes me a fake. Either way - this is the top half of the little coffee station and it makes me love my coffee that much more in the morning.

3. The coffee table:  I strangely adore this coffee table, and I'm sure my love for it stems from it no longer being shamed to the basement because it was too large for our last living space. If you could see it up close you would note that the previous owner thought it made a great paint/tool station. It's pretty banged up, but - don't even care - I display it proudly and don't know why it brings me such joy. 

4. Rori's room: It's still a work in progress, but I'm excited for how it's turning out. I don't love really any of the furniture that's in there, but it was all free so I don't complain. I just finished putting up the bunting this week and am working on the polka dot wall which I am half way done with. Both were inspired by Pinterest but I'm still claiming them as my own. No copycater on this one.

polka dots still unfinished

5. Baby laundry: The little man's room is a lot further from being finished, and he still doesn't have a name. Neither of which bring me great delight, BUT I love that I have a few little baskets of clean laundry waiting around for him. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten it out to look at it - because, you know, I have all the time in the world to just sit around and look at baby clothes.

6. Food: I've been on a huge kick of preparing extra meals so I have lots of easy food on hand. Today's project filled my pantry with homemade granola. MMmmm. Love it. In theory I'm doing all this extra cooking/baking in prep for the baby, but I always end up using it in advance. This is actually the second batch of granola I've made in the three weeks since being here. And seeing as Brian has three weeks of traveling coming up, I'm guessing all my hard work is going to vanish once again because me+Rori+8monthspregnant+alone = I take the easy way out. 

7. The dishwasher: Sorry to have a huge let down of a finale, but at least I included a pic with the little lady who is all too ready to jump into any photo op. Up until two days ago this never would have made the cut - but two days ago we got a brand new one, and I'm very much all too pleased. The first dishwasher stained my pretty white dishes with rust, flooded our kitchen, and sprayed water out of the faucet - it left me never wanting to ever be excited about a dishwasher. But...pleasant surprise - my excitement is back. 

Till next time folks.

 easy-way-out a la Kelly


  1. LOVE the coffee station and your "It is well with my soul" - I may be copying that. Rori's room is turning out so's hard moving and moving and wondering if this is "it" for awhile...I'm glad you're making your place homey and beautiful.

  2. Thanks! And we're setting up shop hoping this time we'll be settled a little bit longer :).

  3. Great post, it is the little things. I honestly would be ecstatic about a dish washer...haven't had one for over five years now...and not once with any kids.:) So..I understand that one! As for little boys worries! We never knew any of our kids names going in. Personally I thought it easier to name them once I saw them. We always had a few in mind but like for Gideon we were leaning more towards something like Andrew...he was definitely not an Andrew upon meeting him so I'm sure glad we waited to see him to make the final decision! Adah...we asked how long we had to decide on her name.:) Abigale...we had her name...just not the spelling and she came into the world yelling like I haven't heard before so she got the "gale" at the end for gale forced wind instead of "gail" and truth be told, she lives up to that to this day.:) Anyway, love your posts...keep writing!