August 14, 2013

I took a time out

 Tonight Brian spoke some golden words suggesting we take time off from all the piles and projects looming about. We've gotten pretty far and being that we are only a week from our third and last moving-in day (we I may have had a bit of an emotional melt down to our first rental which sent Brian packing to find a new house. He found a new one - end of that story) I couldn't be more content with where things are........aaaannnnddd I might be a bit crazily exhausted at the same time. Insane heat and this little boy blue I'm carrying around are deserving of much of the blame, but between moving, and moving again, cleaning and unpacking, organizing and decision making, item buying and purging, welcoming in visitors (we've had three different intakes of guests with #4 arriving Saturday - no complaints on any of those), new doctors and new people, and discovering all things great and odd about this small know.....I'm tempted to sit down and never get up again.

  So I took the night off. Brian cleaned up from dinner and I slipped into our beautifully welcoming whirlpool tub I've been eyeing but too tired to clean all week. Lavender bath salts, Pandora, and chamomile tea - I may have forgotten any outside world existed for a half hour or so.  A perfectly timed evening since Brian leaves for his first work trip tomorrow.

  There are so many things that have made me so happy since we've moved in - all to appear in viewing form once we get this place looking a little more lived in. But to name a few that exist outside our four walls - there's a favorited walking trail that follows a creek Rori and I stop to play in every now and then, a coffee shop I wish I had the funds to frequent every morning of my life, and a cute old farmer never failing to be sitting in the window at McDonalds - making me smile every time I pass by. It's quaint here. Slow paced and friendly with a few oddities sprinkled about - just what I'm hoping this home will be when we've finished sorting things out.

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