July 21, 2013

Where's Sesame Street....

In attempting to pass the ever creeping hours of living in temporary housing, I popped in season seven of the office and thoroughly enjoyed reminiscing with what felt like old friends. How I miss that show. And I couldn't identify with Michael more when he broke down and cried about how he couldn't move to Colorado because all the channels would be different and he wouldn't be able to find his shows...as his saga continued I laughed at how dramatically true that was for rori. I mistakenly asked her if she wanted to watch Sesame Street a few mornings ago, miscalculating what time it would be on. For the next hour I was bombarded with cries for Elmo.

And along with not finding our typical channels (strangely all channels in Arkansas either seem to be filled with intense preaching or riveting hunting) I have yet to find a doctor. Naturally, for the second time in her entire life Rori has been sick most of this last week. I now realize how blessed I've been to have an anti-sick home this last year and a half. Finding a doctor - Monday's top priority.

While I'm on a roll, I'll add in that we had guests stay with us in our humble "fully furnished" condo. Loved having friends stay with us - didn't love planning a spaghetti dinner only to realize we had no decent sized pots. Noodles made in three stages aren't the worst I guess. Only having one normal sized fork was a bit of a bigger problem. And I won't delve into the lack of wash clothes, a pillow case, and something - anything - that can safely go in the oven so I could bake. So thankful for gracious guests. And I promised if they returned on their way back we would have a more functioning home to host them in.

You would think after moving across the country for the third time I would have had things a bit more figured out. Live and don't learn I suppose. And I do realize my complaints are SO first-world problems and incredibly minor. Transitional living just isn't my thing I'm realizing. Two more weeks - I can wait two more weeks. And in the mean time I'll get to host my brother which I'm super excited about. I'll just let the cat out of the bag and say he's applying for a job here! Many prayers going up on that working out!

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