July 15, 2013

title all too undeserving.......

It's only taken me this long to figure out how to post from my phone being that Internet hasn't been available and won't be until August. We're going on day six of this new life, and I can already tell this small town might just suit me - it might be a while after I stop getting lost through all the small winding roads, but it'll suit me just the same.

We strolled around the hillbilly flea market ( literally its name) this weekend and it did itself justice -complete with its fill of thouroughly rusted tools, caged chickens, and a kind lady who picked Rori out of my arms and ran off to show her some very not clean toys to play with. She did gift her with a fun ball that Rori was all too excited about, and after my inward freak out moment calmed itself, I decidely soaked in the southern charm. We'll be visiting again for sure.

On the other side of nice new things - Brian gets to visit us for lunch every day. (I did soon realize this means I have to come up with two meals a day, but it's a worthy sacrifice). And I'm not sure what it is about moving, but suddenly my mind has blanked on everything I have ever made to eat. Maybe it's the different food availabilities or not having my own kitchen yet, but whatever we've been eating is all new meals to us. A plus I suppose, since I do get stuck in cooking ruts.

As for our new living space - we're currently in a temporary condo with a daunting spiral staircase that is sure to be the death of me before these next two weeks are up. I've already showered less simply because I've sworn to avoid that rickety beast like the plague and the shower happens to be upstairs. So as soon as we move into a house in August I'll be squeaky clean - especially since I love the new shower curtain Brian indulged me with, and I know I'll want to see it every day. Lame, I know.

And I'll go ahead and close this out before I bore you to death with anymore non-exciting details. There will be more to come - after all, I did promise a picture of that bathtub and dishwasher I'm pritty excited about. :)

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