June 7, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

Getting a little more into this linky thing. So here's another Seven Quick Takes Friday linkup hosted by Conversion Diary.

Leaving you with seven quick takes of Rori - she's been missing around here - as in the blog - not my home.  So here you have it - all her quirks and my quandaries that fill our day:


Sesame Street. ALWAYS her second request of the morning - her first request being food.  And unless she's in her highchair this is how she watches it. 


Should I ever, EVER mindlessly get up from my spot at the table she quicker-than-lightening volunteers to drink my coffee.

"Oh, you didn't want my snotty hands in your coffee?"

"Ok, I'll just drink the rest for you."  How thoughtful she is.


We love popsicles  around here. Can you see her shivering? Doesn't matter - she won't put it down. Not sure if she thinks its going to melt or I'm going to take it from her, but that popsicle never leaves her little paws. Her hands and lips are always blue by the time she's done - regardless of the color of the popsicle. 


We took a trip to Target the other day, and I let her pick out her own bowls. Suddenly she's become an eating expert - spoon, clean tray, all food is eaten. I would have bought them ages ago had I known their miraculous powers. 


This little lady thoroughly loves her showers - and I'm sure she'll thoroughly hate me for putting this picture on the internet.  But the "s" word is just that around here because freaks out if we ever say it. Kind of like when you ask a dog if they want to go for a walk.  We have no bathtub for the time being - number one priority in the next place we live - so for the time being it's rearranging all the shampoo bottles in the shower. She even knows who owns which ones.


Her only time to ever cuddle - and that's only because its one of her strategic avoid-my-crib-like-the-plague moves. Occasionally I indulge her. Those occasions usually last 19 seconds before she starts to play. Here's to hoping baby numero 2 is a cuddler.



Where, oh where, did my baby go? Another tribute to baby number 2 - how I've missed that little newborn smell.

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