June 25, 2013

Moving on.......slowly

 While I'm finishing up our life here in Michigan, Brian has already started whatever life awaits us in Arkansas.  He left this weekend and has already had a few successful days of work and house hunting. I had some great pictures of packing etc. but they've disappeared - and it's not like everyone doesn't already know what THAT looks like.

  We're taking the last few weeks here to pack in baby showers, wedding showers, a wedding, time with family, and taking care of a little sick Rori. And all the packing on the side has revealed boxes of things I haven't seen in two years - some of it I've missed, and most of it I haven't. Nothing like feeling like our life is all organized even if it IS all in boxes.

  And it's been incredibly difficult to not want to get all things new for setting up a new life and home once again. Having never set up a room for Rori helps since her and the baby's room will automatically seem new. I imagine our own room will seem new since we haven't seen our bed since Texas - Rori's crib occupied all the space in our bedroom and our mattress found it's home on the floor.
   While I'm on the excited-for-a-different-place-to-live kick, my top two requests for our new place were a dishwasher and bathtub. That should tell you something. I sent Brian a longer lists of preferences that ended up being not so helpful since no house will have everything, and he was all too unsure which items were a priority. I had to clarify that he shouldn't stress about the list since ANYTHING will be an upgrade in the living situation. Our small little place has been great, and doable, but I'm more than happy to move to something a bit bigger and functional.

   And now that you know all about what I'm excited to say good bye to, I'll be sure to update some pretty pictures of the dishwasher and bathtub I'll so lovingly embrace once Rori and I arrive in Arkansas. No promises on the rest of the house since I've already failed to post pictures of these last two homes despite the  requests. Although there's always a chance since we're in the mode of turning over so many new leaves already.........

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