June 12, 2013

Morning Coffee

Not every morning, but most mornings, somewhere in between Rori's messy breakfast and Sesame Street I grab a chance to sit down with a cup of coffee. While my indulgent side always wants to reach for the enormous 16 oz. Starbucks mug, my better judgement overrides said gluttony and I go for my small, delicate "M" cup. 

While "M" conveniently goes with my last name, that's not why I bought this little beauty. I bought her because there was a time when I used to wake up and "His mercies are new every morning" was the first thing that ran through my head.  It was so refreshing. Refreshing to remember that God allows us to start each day anew. Refreshing to know that His mercies were already new and fresh for that days mistakes and mishaps. Refreshing to know His renewed mercies weren't only for me, but for all - and I could only offer those same new mercies to everyone who crossed my path. 

And I missed starting my day that way. So I bought this mug. I bought it so every morning cup of coffee would remind me that His mercies are new every morning. New for me, new for others, and new so that my mercies could be new. And even though I rarely get to finish my coffee, much less grab a second cup, coffee in the mornings means the world to me - and probably much more to Rori :). 

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  1. What a beautiful little mug, and what a nice post about it!