June 4, 2013

Good, Better, Best

   I do realize that my posts are a bit unpredictable and entirely inconsistent - it's been pointed out to me as well as something I've already acknowledged to myself. But hey, who doesn't like a little happy go lucky, a little unimportant life details, and a little deep thought of my soul haphazardly thrown about. Kidding. The truth is I write on this blog mainly for myself - so it's just going to be what it is readers or no readers.

   On to the title......


    This little bundle of a baby boy finally has made himself apparently known to the world that he exists and is growing. Finally my ever dwindling wardrobe has a culprit.  I realize a picture should follow, but I've decide this baby bump comes across as entirely unflattering in all pictures and pregnant poses are SO incredibly awkward, so jury's out on whether that picture is showing up today. On to the next thing until I decide:


    Better - I contacted a writing.......agency? company? writing people...... three whole months ago, and they finally got back to me saying they were opening registration for new applicants. So apply I did and can happily say I'm moving along in the process. I may or may not have said I had expertise in the food arena when filling out their survey (5 years qualified as expert and I figured throwing a few years of gluten free experimentation and research buffered my resume), sooooooooooooo I have to submit a food article in no time flat. I've avoided opening their assessment tab like the plague because I really don't want to know what specifically they'd like my "expertise" on. EEK! On the other hand - probably don't believe all those little random articles you read in magazines, blogs, or newspapers - they're written by experts like me. I'll keep you informed on whether this food article makes the cut.


   Best - best of all - Brian indeed was offered a job and a job that he's excited about. SOOoooooo...... we're moving to Arkansas - also in no time flat. Three weeks  perhaps? We're super excited about the job, and I have to admit I'm also a tiny bit super sad we're leaving such good friends and family here in Michigan. But it truly is a great opportunity, and new adventures always start out fun, right?

And........just because - baby bump #2:


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