May 20, 2013

Waddle it be?

  I'll confess I have 5 great videos depicting how much fun we had Friday night at our game night/gender reveal party, and along with that I'll confess that every video came out side wise and to spare you the awkwardness I'm leaving them out.
  Wednesday I had the routine 20 week ultrasound and got to watch this little beauty wiggle around and enjoy a good thumb sucking.

  As I mentioned before, Brian couldn't be there and so the must fun part of this routine event was placed in an envelope and stowed away for safe keeping. Actually, I handed the envelope over to a friend and told her she had the freedom to choose how Brian and I would find out if this new babe of ours was a boy or a girl.

  Fast forward to Friday night, Brian was back from his trip (no news on that end for a few more weeks), and we found ourselves playing games men vs. women style - winner of each game got to choose one of the four methods for the "reveal'.  Our choices were opening a card, unwrapping a present that contained an ultrasound, popping a balloon filled with colored confetti, and the classic cutting of the cake.

 Around midnight we had plowed through all but the cake cutting, and due to an overly drawn out game, we decided to go ahead and cut the cake - confident we'd finally get our answer. Naturally, the cake was filled with yellow like everything before it. Such a well played move by our friend, Orna. We soon received a phone call from her sister in Australia - the only person she could think of who would be up at such an hour - and we were told we'd find our answer at the front door. We were met by a bundle of BLUE and happily celebrated the news of our baby boy!

 So there you have it - sans riveting pictures or fun videos - we're getting a little babe wrapped in blue come October. And on to masculine names it is!

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