May 8, 2013

Baby Names

  So before the big ultrasound next week I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk about the most fun thing about being pregnant - baby names! Since this discussion normally only happens with Brian who fervently vetoes 99.9% of all my names, I decided I needed to take advantage of this non-opposing outlet. Although comments are always welcome - especially when it comes to baby names.

  I'll confess upfront that I'm leaving out our top two boy names since one will definitely be used should a boy ever appear in our family, so please keep a mental note that the cream of the crop of boy names isn't being revealed. On the other hand lets start with girl names....

  I haven't quite made up my mind on any that I love, but these are ones I enjoy entertaining. In all names, I like the idea of having a solid first name with a nickname that ends up being the real name - hence Aurora and Rori. (This largely stems from my childhood wish of being able to choose what I wanted to be called.) My first pick runs along the lines of Cozette or Collette. I'm not much a fan of Cozie or Lettie, so still working on those.... I do love Ocie, which I realize is a bit odd, and have yet to match it with a legit birth certificate name. Esme I find adorable, and Clementime to be called Time is a favorite never to be approved by the hubs. I'll refrain from explaining why I feel I can't use Zoriada or Zendeya - but baby girl Z names draw me in every time. Cadence also keeps appearing on my list, so  you might say I actually  have a weakness for C names. Analyn (Pronounced with more of  a soft O sound than an A) is a name I stole from my best friend and therefore can't use out of pure guilt. Girl names are the hardest for Brian and I, Rori's lucky she even has a name.

  Onto the boys...

  Somehow I find myself blanking since we've had our top two picked out for almost two years now. Leonitus comes from a little boy I used to care for at the children's shelter. He was the cutest little guy which I'm pretty sure is the only reason I'm partial to the name. An offshoot of that name, which I've tried to sell Brian on, is Linus - love it. I also favor Augustine, but Tino is out and August has already been taken by a friend. Malachi and Christian were long standing high listers, but both have become a little too popular for my liking.  Xavier, also popular I realize, strikes me as a great middle name along with Everett.  Eeh... not to thrilled with this list of boy names, but that's why we already have our top two.

  So there you have it, baby Meagher names that none of our children will ever likely have. Suggestions always welcome.

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  1. I love Colette and I love Time and I love very different names...our kids got average names just cause the hubs wasn't as eclectic as me in that department. :) I did get to be creative with the middle names. Baby names are fun....and I LOVE Esme.