May 15, 2013

A little fun in the sun with friends, an extra long nap with some extra long rest time for mom, a wiggling little one at a 20 week ultrasound, a phone call from a husband a few states away, a FaceTime chat with a dear sister, a message from a concerned sister-in-law, and a quite evening to take it all in.

It's been a full day, representing a full week, representing what looks like some fully impacting changes in the near future. No news on baby #2's gender - all will be revealed Friday night at a game night with friends. I don't even have the envelope to be tempted to peak. Brian couldn't be at the ultrasound which triggered a series of events, that landed the envelope in the hands of a friend who will be determining how we find out the boy vs. girl surprise.

Which brings us to Brian. He's interviewing far out of town, and seemingly we might just be making quite the move within the next month or two. New opportunities are always exciting, and yet saying good bye hardly ever is. We'll see where we're headed hopefully by the end of the week.

Joining in on our unplanned lives is my sister. We schemed up a plan to have her come stay with us for a month or so a few weeks ago, and she'll be here in ten short days! I never promised we wouldn't be moving, and having a packing buddy didn't seem too bad to me either- so she's moving in and we'll just play it by ear and love the time we get together.

News from Afghanistan and my ever courageous brother seem to be ever worsening. Miracles do happen and I'm trusting only a miracle will be having him come back alive and unscathed. So many prayers go up for him every day.

And so many if's, and's, but's, and maybe's could swirl around in never ending circles. Not to say I don't think about them, but I've been so very conscious not to the let the present slip by while I'm waiting for the future. After all, I never imagined I'd still be sitting in this tiny one bedroom "apartment" today - it was supposed to be a 3ish month fix that turned into a 16 month lease. And I'm so glad I didn't waste that year away wishing I were some place else. I suppose we'll just let everything roll in in waves - take them one at a time and adjust accordingly. After all, we do have a precious little girl who is growing up way too fast, and I wouldn't want to miss it because I was forever looking for something else that wasn't yet to be.

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