April 29, 2013

The Rorister

So it's been a while since we've seen this little lady around here. Apologies beforehand that these are all phone pictures - running and getting the real camera only ever ends up in all opportunities lost. She's been keeping me thoroughly busy mainly unloading two round-about cupboards that we can't figure out how to lock. The main problem is that these cupboards are full of bags upon bags of gluten free flours. At least half are opened seeing as almost every gluten free recipe calls for five different flours, and of course no recipe uses the same five. So a multitude of expensive flours lie within this little child's grasp and are in quite the unprotected state. 

So in an attempt to save my sanity and very costly flour I came up with this brilliant set up this morning:

Rori counter-acted by trying to turn on the stove and almost grabbing the hot coffee and knife I had now so unintentionally placed within her reach. Equally brilliant. 

Not to worry, the battle was quickly won by yours truly when Rori made one wrong adjustment. I left her just long enough to prove my point - not that she'll ever remember, and not to say we won't start this whole charade again tomorrow. 

Thankfully we were able to grow up and moved on to play with baby dolls. After Rori insisted that I NEVER EVER put either of her babies down and one must ALWAYS have a bottle, I decided she needed to learn how to put her babies to bed. She strolled them around like a pro, and I'm sure they fell asleep in no time given their comfortable sleeping positions.

 And all not too suddenly, this little playmate of mine found herself headed to bed by a more seasoned mom. Until next time Rori....

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