April 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes

     So seven quick takes - seven random things I normally wouldn't dedicate a blog post to - also a super easy, non brain activity post - also stolen from this blogger who I find hilarious and deem her worthy of the credit. I make no promise I'll make it to seven, I always end up finding myself too boring.


The number one thing I hate about my life is having celiac disease. In order to better my feelings towards this life issue and not make my family suffer, I've been dedicating my to time making gluten free recipes in order to fine the finest, the best, and the normalist - so far I've attempted pop tarts, donuts, coffee cake, flat bread, soft pretzels, normal loaf bread, chicken nuggets, "flour" tortillas .......and I'm blanking on all others. 


The number two thing I hate is people who post gluten recipes claiming they're exactly like the real deal when they're actually exactly like a gluten free mockery. Frauds. Only the soft pretzels and coffee cake made the cut. 


Leaving the gluten free conversation - I'm liking this pregnancy 90 times more than I did my first. Mainly because I've neglected to read anything about baby development or pregnancy - those weekly updates seriously made Rori's pregnancy last an eternity. And I'm sure Rori has a lot to do with my inability to just sit around and think about being pregnant. 


The other night I tragically almost died when a large vase fell off of a shelf and onto where I was supposed to be on the bed. Luckily I was taking up the entire middle section of the bed like normal and it just missed me. A little bewildered, we finally figured out the thunder was shaking the wall which dominoed books onto the vase making it fly off of the shelf. Aren't you so glad I'm still here to tell of it. 


I embarrassingly find myself dramatically saying "Uh-oh" way too often because it's one of the only words Rori knows how to use in context and therefore she used it for absolutely everything. I make sure never to make eye contact with any adult who might have overheard this all too common blunder.


Brian recently started coming up with baby names, and after incessantly questioning an almost possibility I discovered the name was actually derived from the sports section of life. Can you imagine if I had fell for it. Number one reason I should pay more attention  to sports.


Almost. Almost made it to seven. Honorably I don't believe in fillers. Maybe next time if this becomes a "thing".

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  1. Loved this! And your cinnamon rolls were yummy!