February 1, 2013


   I've been absent not because I haven't had anything to say, but because I've had all too much on my mind. So much that it seems to be scrambled up into a mess that can't sort itself out into one coherent topic or thought. And you'd think they'd be concerning things but they aren't.  For weeks my mind has been racing through old city streets with some that are faintly new, but none that ever lead to one destination. I keep thinking these thoughts will wrap themselves up - a case solved. Something that all flows and fits and makes sense. But instead they just go on and on. And so, I've never written. There was nothing to be said, exactly.

I wish I read more. I wish I got lost in books like I used to - made the time for them. But I don't.

I'd love to write but don't have the where-with-all to begin. It's a dream that nags.

Rori is learning new words every day, and I love teaching her new things. The last two days I've taught her about pockets. She still has no idea where her toys go. On the other hand she picked up how to give butterfly kisses in no time, and it steals my heart.

I've gotten into cooking new things and baking a lot more recently. Perhaps my love of the kitchen is coming back.

We'd like to move. Where. When. How. We don't know, so we haven't begun the search.

I've gotten a pen pal. It perfectly suits me.

a job.......is there another one out there..........but a smile has reappeared on Brian's face, and it makes me a little more at rest for the one he has.

Family - always on my  mind and always so far away.

mercy. love. truth. faithfulness.  Four words that seem to appear together more times than I can count - mainly in Psalms and Proverbs. I've started underlining them every time they show up together. It's as if their unity is the key that unlocks something.

So it goes. Nothing heavy or worrisome. Although at times blandness and boredom may creep in a bit. Regardless for some reason or another I can't settle my mind on one thing. Everything weaves together like one long unending thought. No one thing standing out and no one thing ending in conclusion.

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