January 14, 2013


Our baby girl turned one this past week.  I spent the morning showing her how to play with all her new birthday toys.  We had so much fun laughing and pointing, pushing buttons and answering phones -sometimes I forget she still can't talk. I step back and look at this year and am amazed that this miniature person was once that tiny babe swaddled in a bassinet last year. 
We couldn't have imagined a greater blessing. 

She's beautiful and sweet, bright and curious, joyful... Words don't really do justice to all that I hold in my heart for her. She's brought magic back into my world - the mystery of all things yet to be uncovered. Everything is new - every day and all the time. She reminds me of the need to rediscover my world. 
Beauty in all things. 

oh for the years to come...

and yes, she did enjoy her cake 

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