September 10, 2012

  On to post number 4 for the week - as you'll notice, none of the other one's were ever "published". I don't know why I couldn't finish them, I guess I just didn't like how they were turning out. Perhaps I'll have better luck with this one. I've been having very conflicting thoughts about the internet and all it has to offer. I'm becoming very disillusioned with this virtual reality and at times I just want to pull out and go live in the real world - it's often less pretty and not quite as put together, but at least it has soul.
  And I will embrace that any day - even when I feel like we've been caught up in another whirlwind trying to reek havoc on the lives we've just begun to settle. Which is true and seems to have happened - almost. And yet a subtle peace resides that won't quite let our feet be swept away - it's a calm that tells us that while we can't yet see stability, there is still a Sovereignty who reigns, and He won't let us be overlooked.
  A few days ago we were pulling into our drive way when Philip Philips song Home came on.  We just sat in the car and listened - me with my feet propped up on the dash, the new fall weather drafting through the doors, the baby sleeping in the back - and the words from the song resonating deeply

Hold on, to me as we go
As we roll down this unfamiliar road
And although this wave is stringing us along
Just know you’re not alone
Cause I’m going to make this place your home

  The loan falling through for the house - starting from scratch hoping another one will work out. Sickness that creeps in to steal away life's energy - if only I could keep up with this little girl and everything else in the house. Uncertainty arising in the job arena - Again? really? It was quite the week.....

   But God hasn't brought us to this place to watch us drown,and nor do we feel like we are. Sometimes I think we just watch the waves roll in fearing they won't fizzle out before they crash into the somewhat fragile life we've begun to rebuild. But we remained untouched this time; guarded, but not blinded to the seemingly dangerous tide. Sometimes it's hard to not get caught up in it all and let the stress ride you away. But it isn't our kingdom we're sent here to build - it's His. And seeing that it's His, we have nothing to lose, and we hold onto that. We'll just continue on our way, waves crashing and all. If they're meant to reach our shore then they will - and we'll start over - building up His kingdom in another place, but building it all the same.

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  1. Kelly, I've been learning the same. It's His Kingdom we're building not ours. Sometimes, it's so easy to forget. Thanks for sharing your thoughts:)