September 10, 2012

   I know - I just posted less than 24 hours ago. But it's past midnight and I can't sleep due to the half a cup of coffee I had at 8 never mind, I don't know why. But I'm up none the less and thought I'd write. I've been a little lacking in the things-I'm-excited-about department, and its only fair to balance things out.
   I've been excited about where Brian and I are getting involved. We went to a college that was passionate about community and they did well passing that baton onto their students. A driving force  behind a lot of our decisions has been community. We value it and very much see it as essential to the Christian life. And we've been excited to be invited into the community at our church. There are a lot of things happening - new direction along with lots of change - and we've entered in on that curve.

   I'm excited about Rori. She's discovering new things every day, and it's so fun to be a part of her growing world. Today I was teaching her how to stand, and she would burst out laughing every time she started to fall - naturally the feeling of falling is fun when mom catches you every time. And she has just begun to understand perspective - that if she leans over or bends down she can see different things. Peek-a-boo has very much become a regular around here.

  I have to say I'm also excited about life in general. We've had our ups and downs and surprises, but I love living life with Brian. I love making decisions together and then watching as the plans unfold - whether they end up working out or turn out completely different than we thought. Regardless of what the journey is, it makes all the difference to have someone by your side who is in it for better or worse.

  AND there are so many other things I could write, but I'll end with saying I can't wait for my first little niece to get here - I am SO very excited about that. She has 3 weeks until her due date, but I'm fully expecting her to be born a week early for my birthday - then I automatically get Best Aunt award because we would share a birthday. And we all know that's the most important thing ever.........


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