September 17, 2012

A time capsule

 Two years ago, at the top of a spiraling stair case, our wedding guests were met with an envelope - it contained their table number as well as a hand written note telling them what they meant to our lives. And laid at the head table were similar envelopes addressed to the wedding part and to the bride and groom.   It seemed like such the perfect night of celebration.

     Although they sat on the floor of the car for weeks and almost got lost through several moves, I finally framed the two letters Brian and I wrote to each other. They're in a shadow box, and while they aren't on display now, I'm hoping to get them up next time we move.

    Our plan is to fill the box with years of anniversary cards. And since our anniversary is almost exactly two weeks from either of our birthdays, so far we've decided that a card is our only requirement in terms of anniversary gifts. We'll build the tradition so every now and then we can sit down and read through the years - In the non-sappiest way possible.....and I'll probably be the only who REALLY looks through them....but that's ok.

    It's been a great two years. Great to have a rough road, but be able to look over and just shake your head and laugh with the person that's walking beside you. We couldn't be happier we married each other, and I look forward to all the cards that will fill that shadow box.

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  1. I love this idea! Wish I would have done something like that...
    Hope you are doing good...