August 24, 2012

Settling in

  I've had so much to say and no words with which to say it. But for the sake of not getting behind I decided I just needed to sit down and write. So if you haven't caught on already - I'm uninspired and this might be a bit boring. 

  My little girl is growing up so quickly and I find myself wondering where those fresh newborn days have gone. She's a little explorer now. Following mom where ever I go and always interested in the most dangerous of things. She's remarkable, and I love learning about the person she is becoming. 

  And Brian has started his new job. Tonight I attended an event with him and met his coworkers for the first time. It's funny how you can step out of one life and right into another and no one knows you skipped a beat.          I'm realizing the point at which we enter another's journey in life does a lot for our perspective on how we perceive them and who we know them to be. In some ways it can be exciting to start over again, and in other ways you feel like you're letting go of a part of you you were hoping to keep. This job seems to be honing in on a  lot of qualities and skills Brian excelled with in college, and I'm excited to see that side of him come back. 

  As for me, I'm mentally setting up a house most hours of the day. Our offer on a house was accepted this week and naturally that is all I think about. Of course we won't be moving in for some time - and I have a feeling it's going to be longer than I anticipate, but in the mean time I love planning how we are going to get all our things that make up our home out of boxes. Having our own home just feels so right. 

  Although, the timing will work out perfectly since Brian is going back to school. He gets a month to settle into his job, a month to settle into school, a month to settle into a new home, and can you believe we're already discussing child #2  - if you haven't caught on, we don't believe in slow beginnings. To tame a little bit of curiosity - we're hoping foster care or adoption is in the cards which naturally should buy us a little time. 

  And now we're on to a month of birthday and anniversary celebrations. Hopefully I'll get a few more pictures up to add a little more fun around here. 



  1. Dear Kelly,
    I added your blog to my Google Reader a while ago, and catching up on these posts has been so nice! I would love to meet Rori some day...she seems like such a smart and lovely baby.

    Even though we're far apart, I think of you often friend--


  2. Oh my gosh SO many things going on for you guys....I'm totally behind because I'm off Facebook for a bit. I'm so excited about your house!!!!! And a NEW job!!!!