August 9, 2012

   An ear full of babbling at 7 a.m. and I know my young mom dreams of sleeping in past 8 are over. I'd give it a try for a little bit longer, but instead I find myself sleepily pulling the little munchkin from her crib as we go into the living room to play. I can't help but fall in love with her all over again.

   She has just learned to stand, and she loves to practice. She gives it a try as I mosey into the kitchen to cook her some cereal and make myself some much needed coffee. I hear her fall and whimper.

  "Frustration, my little girl, it's called frustration. May you learn to cope with it early."

   Up she goes again - standing up after she's fallen down. Big lessons for such a little girl.

   Soon she joins me in the kitchen, waiting to eat, and me wishing the coffee were done. I mix her oatmeal with pear for a little sweetness and we sit down for breakfast. She babbles and I pretend she's telling me her dreams. I'm enthralled and she's excited. One day we'll sit here - both with coffee - and have real conversations. Heartfelt ones. Moving ones. Sad ones. It'll happen one day.  But for now I love the babbling. The relationship still ebbs and flows. She could be 20 years older and the bonding would be the same.

   A rainy morning in a small kitchen with the smell of coffee, oatmeal, and good conversation. A little bliss for my sleepy head.

   She isn't much a fan of her breakfast, but I prod her for a few more bites. "Perseverance - you'll need that too, little one. Just take a few more bites."

   A little clean up and we're off to cuddle on the couch. I remember my coffee. I'll get it later. Some things just aren't worth missing.  I'm so glad  she woke me up early. It would have been a shame to skip out on such a lovely morning.


  1. Pamela19.8.12

    This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing this. Having my coffee break in the sun this afternoon my now 6 year old girl slipped out next to me sipping her self-made lemonade asking questions like, when you are born with a disease does it stay with you forever, or can it go away? The conversations over "coffee" aren't too far from the oatmeal with pears.

  2. Wade Sutton21.8.12

    Love it! You are a talented writer.