July 29, 2012

In good times and in bad

   We're back and semi-rested from our long journey to Mexico City. I'm surprised at how enchanting I thought the city to be. I very much found myself thinking how much I would love to live there - it had a quaint, historical feel mixed with the energetic vibe of a modern day city. Very intriguing....

   But going beyond the adventure of a fun trip, I never could have imagined how important it was for me to be there to support the marriage of such a dear friend. It seems so easy and logical to dismiss the possibility of such a extensive and costly trip. And had it not been for Brian's big heart and wisdom, I wouldn't have gone. I'm so, so grateful we counted the costs and decided for the better.

   Between feeling like we were caught in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a semi-wedding nightmare, and something absolutely beautiful - I never could figure out which emotions were appropriate, necessary, or helpful. The only thing I was ever certain of was that my presence there was essential - both to be a familiar and final support for the bride and to calm my own heart as I watched her take such a critical and important step in her life. In the chaos I found myself fearing I was losing my best friend to a far away place stuck in deep traditions. It seemed as though she'd be lost forever and slowly slip from my life. But then there would be glimpses of calm - when she would grab her fiance's hand and be completely at rest - and I knew she would be well cared for and that this is where God had brought her.

    After 20 years of friendship, there was a self-assured, adult version of my friend I had never seen - a side that only her beloved could bring out. They complimented each other so well and drew strength from each other when things were uncertain. I don't know that I have ever seen a couple who were so clearly brought together by God. I was honored to stand with them as they recited their vows and committed their lives to each other.
    And my heart was truly set at peace our last night there as we shared an evening of good food and toasts to the newlywed couple.  As Tammi closed the toasts with her own comments she recited how their relationship had grown throughout these ten short months. And though she had faced much doubt and criticism from others, she new deep down that she was making the right choice, that God had brought them together, and though they still faced many trials they now had each other to lean on.

     So I left with a full heart, knowing God watches over all of us as we seek His will. And I'm excited for what's ahead - for Tammi and Diego, for Brian and I, for Rori... for lots of people. It's so good to see a pause in a journey - to see a definitive change in course, so I can remember that God directs our ways with purpose.

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  1. Such a great friend God gave you long ago...Knowing that you needed her and that SHE would need you. :) That's how I feel about my sweet Aubrey. I'm so glad that you got to go!