July 10, 2012

Happy Thoughts

  Hope is on the horizon. It seems a tiny little bud might be popping up through the rugged ground. I'll leave it at that for now. Perhaps there will be more to follow soon. But it was a breath of fresh air in our lungs and a gleam of a smile in our eyes. We treated ourselves to dinner which was followed by a semi-date at the mall while the grandparents watched our little miss. All in all a refreshing day.
  And to add to the brightness we've decidedly made Rori a renowned traveler. I'm taking her to Mexico City (BY MYSELF) for my dear friend's wedding. Albeit slightly terrified, I feel it will be a great adventure - one for which I won't regret facing my fears. I already GREATLY regret that Brian can't come with us. We'll miss him so much!
   OH! And another great thing (but not really) - I got the greatest fortune in the fortune cookie that I couldn't eat. It read something along the lines of my love for words  only ones I can spell  will lead to me writing a book. It's been a secret thought of mine, so naturally I loved that it was in my fortune cookie. But isn't that what fortune are for?

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely that's what they're for! I hope the little bud fully blooms and grows.....