July 18, 2012

Big Steps and Baby Steps

   Rori made it into the kitchen today. And realizing she was in control of her mobility she then headed straight for the door stop she's been eyeing for the last two months. It turns out it was just as fun to "boing" as she thought it would be. On to the new chapter of  never again turning my back on her....... But then again, I can't help but be incredibly proud and celebrate in her new achievement. Seriously, how exciting to realize you have the ability to move and go where you want! I'm sure she considers it her greatest life accomplishment, so I am committing myself to never ever complain about it. And I hope I can stick to that and not view her progress as a personal inconvenience. 
   AND........................... have I ever mentioned how much I dislike making announcements? Hence the nice little story of Rori making it to the kitchen today. What I really have been trying to figure out how to say is:          
                                        Brian was offered and accepted a job this past week. 

  Yes indeed, we're excited and quite frankly relieved. To keep it simple (and yes, ambiguous since I'm slightly leery of where some of the hits on this blog are coming from), he'll be working in development for a school. We'll be staying in Michigan and he will be able to start on the masters program he's had his eye on for the last 2 years. While we don't see it as an end all career job, it definitely fits as the next step, and we like the notion that there's more unknown adventure out there to be had. We've never considered ourselves to be the settling-down-in-one-place-forever type. 
   But we are definitely ready for this next step, and of course there are many more questions to be had. But it will all come in time. God has been so good, and we can trust the rest to that. 

 Whew.... announcement over. 


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