June 14, 2012

The things we talk about

 To be in the time and place that we are allows for great ambitions, big dreams, and thoughtful conversations to commonly flow throughout our small apartment.  We're just waiting for the next thing. AND since we've found the wait to be 6+ months and counting, we often catch ourselves pondering what those next chapters will be - and what we want them to be. Don't get me wrong - we're long past making plans and setting up expectations for our life as a family. But.............God gives our hearts passions and our minds interests for a reason, and we're enjoying the freedom of an unwritten road map to explore those deep laden desires. Among our most common topics of interest:

El Camino De Santiago
  This first presented itself in a morbid discussion over a year ago of what we would do if the other person died. Brian decided he would go on a six month backpacking trip. And that backpacking trip has slowly evolved into a month long "vacation" that we've planned. Originally planned for this summer, our car dying took the wind out of those sails. But it will happen. A pilgrimage across northern Spain - family and all.

 I wouldn't place either of us in the eco-friendly, hippie, or DIY category, so why we have an on-going list of every day things we want to make (and add as a permanent part of our lives) - I don't really know. But we have high hopes which are the following: laundry detergent, soap, various pieces of furniture, bbq sauce, beef jerky, canned goods, water purifier, and..............my mind escapes me, but I promise there was more.

Showing up in Life
  We talk about this one a lot. How we want to be relevant to the people in our lives now, but also how that will look once we take a job/move/find out what's next. We want to show up to the life God has us present in and be used to glorify Him and bring encouragement where we can. This time of waiting isn't meant for us to just be absent and we know that. We realize the critical need to fully participate in whatever world we find ourselves in. So we talk about what that looks like.

The Next Little Meagher
   Too soon? MMMMMmmmm... not really. Mostly encouraged by myself  (Kelly) we occasionally discuss the appearance of our next little one. Adoption is on the table - more in our heads than in reality seeing as it would require a new job, a new place to live, us being a year older, and a lot of funds. But we're making plans and and keeping an open mind. Miracles do happen. We might have to wait till number 3 for the adoption since we're hoping number 2 comes within the next 2 years. But those are our thoughts for now.

ummm....why wouldn't we want another one? or five.....

The Job
  No doubt this has been an on-going conversation. Government jobs, higher education, direct relief to war torn countries, non-profits, border patrol, Detroit police, Fed-Ex, and the list goes on. But there are a few budding interests..........

 We've both always had a desire to live.............somewhere else? Another language, a new culture to learn, a  place full of endless exploration, a unique world for our kids..........the list goes on. But we're convinced, one day we'll make it to another country enough to learn the ins and outs of its every day life.

  At the end of the day - no matter what hopes were realized or counted as unrealistic - we always agree that we're so glad we married each other. How life is or how it turns out never even comes to a close second.



  1. Great post! Wasn't the 'El Camino de Santiago' on the table for a honeymoon for a brief time?
    We're thankful for every minute we get to share life with all of you!

  2. All great things to talk about and to be open too...ecspecially the "handmade" bit. When we first got married I had no idea that one day I'd discover that I like to wash my hair with baking soda, eat only veggies, and aspire to be a candlemaker. Life will change you :) I always wanted to adopt too but after Brady's diagnosis (and still trying to figure out what's going on with Tristan) I don't think that dream will ever come true. Rori is so cute!

  3. This has been so encouraging to read!!!